Sunday Smiles


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InstaFriday where we tell the stories behind the filtered photos. (I'm jeannettg on instagram if you want to follow) In no particular order: Our dogs are getting old. So old and creaky that Abbie could hardly jump her old bones up into Jill's bed.  But she did. And was rewarded handsomely for it. When the homeschooling … [Continue reading...]

Shared Boys’ Room


I know, I know. I said I'd share the boys' room yesterday. But I had to first CLEAN IT.  And then it had to STAY CLEAN.  And then the dumb baby had to nap and robbed all the best lighting. Also, mostly I got sidetracked. Again, I'll make note of where I got stuff.  And again, nothing is sponsored.  FYI. As you can see, Owen is … [Continue reading...]

Shared Girl’s Room


  Little by little, I'm making this house our home. Lucky for me, the previous owner had all creamy white walls so I wasn't dealing with crazy colors that I couldn't bear to look at.  That being said, I kinda felt like I was losing my mind without the bright, happy colors that I crave. So, in the least logical order, I actually … [Continue reading...]

InstaFriday (the long version)

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If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Last week, I was so busy getting my post about our trip to the fire department up, I honestly forgot it was Friday.  And by the time I realized I had my days all jumbled, I figured I could just […]

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For when you don’t understand Why.

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Jill’s walking has been a direct answer to prayer. With every passing day, she is stronger and steadier. In fact, it’s become almost that we don’t even notice any more.  As if we are so accustomed to her toddling around the house like the others that we’ve taken it for granted. Except that we haven’t […]

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Sunday Smiles

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Fire Stations, Donations, & a PSA


You might remember that I asked if you guys wouldn’t mind taking a fire safety quiz. The quiz was sponsored by Kidde and was a quick and easy set of questions geared toward reminding you to be fire safe. Which, has become a bit of a passion of mine.  I started working with Kidde a […]

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