Special Olympics 2015

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    I've been dying to share about our experience at the Special Olympics, but between Life and then my website being hacked...and then hacked again...I'm woefully behind. In any case, here we are. Her one on one aide and I made sure to coordinate their outfits.  We decided on the school assigned shirt (which clearly … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Smiles


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Navy and White Kitchen Cabinet Painting

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  Well hello there strangers! I've emerged from the abyss of zero blogging. While it's been crickets around this space, I've been just as active (maybe more so) on Instagram...and even on the FB page.  I just don't know what's up with me and blogging...but Instagram still has my heart, so follow me over there if you're at all … [Continue reading...]

Reluctant Reader, Kindles, & FreeTime Unlimited


As a lover of books myself, it has come as a great source of disappointment that my oldest, at a whopping 7 years old, has little to no interest in reading. I suppose it would be like Michael Jordan's son not liking basketball.  Except that I've made precisely zero dollars from reading a book, and besides the free personal pan pizzas you used to … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Smiles


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InstaFriday: Jilly Update Edition


Welp, we’re home. And no, she didn’t have a seizure. But even still it was a good and successful trip.  Which is weird considering she didn’t have a seizure…the whole point of our hospital admittance. I’ll explain, but I think it’s good to give a quick background: Jill is a twin, and was Baby B. […]

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Jilly’s Hospital Stay


Jill and I head out bright and early tomorrow morning. Actually, it will still be dark out.  I’m thinking 5:00.  To be there in time for our 10:00 slot. I realized this week as people said “Wait, what are you doing?!  Is everything okay???” that I did a lousy job of explaining what was happening. […]

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Formal Dining Room to Masculine Home Office


Jeannett!  What’s going on here?!  You’ve blogged sporadically for months, and now you’re blogging all kinds!  Don’t you have a million and ten things to do before your trip to the hospital with Jill in just a few days?!?!?! Dear Reader, I’m a Professional Procrastinator.  I thought you knew.  Love, j. You might remember this […]

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