Mornings, Strange Feelings, and the Disneyland Hotel


  I wrote a post the other day about how blogging has changed dramatically and QUICKLY. And you guys were so incredible and kind in your response. And you made it pretty clear that you didn't need Life Lesson posts every time.  Which is a huge relief because honestly?  I'm in no position to be giving life lessons anyway.  The Good … [Continue reading...]

The Evolution of Blogging complete with Pumpkin Pictures


Blogging is weird. Still a fairly new medium, particularly when you compare it to other forms of entertainment like television and newspapers. The rules are constantly changing.  Ebbing and flowing; the more literary way to say it. I distinctly remember going to Blissdom (a now defunct blogging conference) several years ago, and they made … [Continue reading...]

Sunday Smiles


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Holy smokes, friends. It has been a WEEK. While the last few months, I've been neglecting my blog, it's been mostly because I just couldn't find the right balance to make it all happen. I'm happy to report that I'm finally finding my mojo again and the insomnia is mostly at bay, and thusly (the red squiggly line tells me that's not a … [Continue reading...]

Pink and Gold Baby Shower


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!  My sister Diana is having her second baby, another girl.  (In fact, she’s scheduled to have her little girl this Thursday!  EEK!!!!) When she asked me to throw her shower, I knew JUST what I wanted to do. Nothing […]

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  InstaFriday: where we share a little more than the one sentence description. Join me? (And if you’d like to follow I’m jeannettg on instagram) We spent a week in Southern California at Disneyland.  You know this. Got home on Wednesday afternoon…crafted my tail feather off all day Thursday and Friday…and then headed down to […]

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Why I Disliked Mom’s Night Out {gasp!}

It seems as though my Facebook feed has been gushing about how great and funny and heartwarming and [insert positive comment here] about the movie Mom’s Night Out is for weeks (months?) now.  In fact, I haven’t seen a single negative, or even lukewarm review of the movie.  Not once. Admittedly, I watch very few […]

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Sunday Smiles



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