Migraines and Little Kids {giveaway}

If you've been around here long enough, you know I've shared my sordid journey with migraines over the years. It's really difficult to explain to people who have never had one, just how miserable … [Read more...]

Gentle Reminders & a giveaway! {barn owl primitives}

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a mom has been how DIFFERENT kids are. I guess you kinda know that in general...of course we're all different and have different personalities...of … [Read more...]

Romance, Noise, and Headphones {giveaway}

When Andy and I were brand new marrieds, we were in our last year of college. I had all these plans and dreams and idealistic notions of what Married College Life would look like.  We would wake up … [Read more...]

FedEx, Countless Possibilities, & Giving Back {giveaway}

I taught the 2-3's Sunday School class one year. About 3 weeks in (as in, three whole Sundays), I realized that a teacher I was not. All the advance planning, prep work, being patient with other … [Read more...]

Toys for Tots Happiness

My kids live a pretty charmed life. In fact, they have A LOT more opportunity and frankly, STUFF than either Andy or I ever did as kids. I was raised by immigrant grandparents who filled our … [Read more...]

Weird but True Wednesday {giveaway}

Books, books, books. Everywhere you look in my home, there will be at least one book somewhere. On the floor.  Peeking out from under the couch.  Piled high on the nightstand.  Both nightstands. … [Read more...]

Holiday Cards from Minted {giveaway}

  I don't send out Christmas cards every year mainly because I often don't have that perfect Christmas card worthy family photo. Which is really silly because there are no rules when it … [Read more...]

Three Gifts and Why I Love It {giveaway}

The holidays are stressful. The end. I don't care what you do, how you handle it, or what you try to minimize, it's just a lot. Unless, maybe you boycott entirely and move to Siberia for the … [Read more...]