#SIMPLEGiving is Simply Giving

“Hey guys!  Wanna come with me today?  I have a special project to do…”

Excitedly, they piled into the car, a jumble of untied shoes and unkempt hair.

“What is it mama?”

“Remember how mom and dad tell you that sometimes there are other kids who don’t have enough?  They don’t always have enough food or clothes?”

“Yeah.  And how we’re supposed to share.  So you guys share your money too.”

“Exactly, Henry.  Exactly that.”

“But mom, I don’t have money!  Can I just share my snack if another kid is still hungry?”

“Absolutely, Lucy.  That’s a perfect way to be kind and help others….so today, we’re gonna head to WalMart and buy some stuff to donate for other kids who might need it.”

“Oh, we did this before.  Remember that time we bought toys and put them in those big bins?”

“Yes, just like that, buddy.  But this time, we are going to stick to food and bathroom type stuff.  Because toys are fun and special, but it’s more important to have a full tummy first.”



They literally ran into the store.

Giving back is our jam.

Did you know that more than 16 million American children live in poverty? For kids in need, having access to healthy foods and personal care items can be a daily challenge. Children with access to basic resources are better equipped to succeed academically and socially, and that’s why Champions for Kids is teaming up with General Mills, Unilever and Walmart to help give kids the resources they need to thrive.


“But mom, if this is for kids, we have to make sure we get kid shampoo.  Like the kind that doesn’t sting your eyes when it gets in them.  Or that would be rude to buy kids grown up shampoo and make them cry.”

“I suppose you’re right, Lu.”


She also insisted on several bottles of detangler.

“Because if their moms brush thems hair, they need the spray so it doesn’t hurt.”

Spoken like a true Curly Girl.


Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and even several dozen shower poofs made their way into our cart.


After much deliberation, we decided to stick to breakfast foods, since going to school with a hungry tummy makes listening to your teacher “and not being squirrelly” hard.


99% of my pictures are blurry.


It was like a philanthropic Supermarket Sweep.

“Mom, I know we said no toys, but if a kid gets this stuff, they’re gonna be bummed.  It’s not fun for kids to get toothbrushes and shampoo.  Can we get just a few toys too?  Because kids like toys and that will make them happy.”


We found pom poms on clearance (just 50 cents a pair!), and bought every single one.


And Hot Wheels cars in case someone doesn’t like pom poms.


By the end of it, we had an entire cart full.

Plus one bottle of shave cream for me.

And two Bubble Tapes for my hard working crew.


We unloaded our cart.


I loved seeing that conveyor belt filled to the brim, and knowing that minus the shave cream and two Bubble Tapes, it wasn’t for us.


But I loved seeing my kids’ faces more.

How they didn’t care that not a single hot pink pom pom, nor a single lime green Hot Wheel was for them.

And it didn’t matter.

Because they had Bubble Tape and big, blingy hearts of gold.

Fall Essencials Social Media Post

You don’t have to fill a cart to the brim to help.

You can buy ONE thing.  Every little bit helps.  Even one toothbrush.  One box of cereal.

Toss an extra shampoo bottle in your cart the next time you’re at WalMart.


They’ve made it easy for busy families.

No special stops.  You’ll be at WalMart this week anyway.  Just toss it in the big purple bins at the front on your way out and help kids LOCAL to you.

School nurses, social workers, homeless student liaisons, and other community champions distribute the donated items to children in the school district or community where each Walmart store is located. (To see a list of participating stores, click here. )

Additionally, Champions for Kids will provide a total of up to $10,000 in awards to the districts receiving the top donation totals from a single store. These awards can be used to provide nutrition education and nutrition services for children in need. For full terms and conditions, click here.


Teaching my children to think of others and give back is one of my biggest parenting priorities, but I’m also a busy mom with a limited budget.  So campaigns like this are PERFECT in every way.  Easy, quick, and no special instructions.

Do your kids participate in service projects?  Champions for Kids is also showcasing the service projects of kids, so submit your kids’ great work HERE and they might even win one of several prizes totaling $10,000!

There are only a few days left in the promotion, but if you find yourself at a WalMart, buy some detangler.

Lucy insists.




*Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.  But, I spent the entire amount paid to me on our donation, so there’s that.  Because people helping people is my favorite in all the land.

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