Our Property. {EEK!}

I've mentioned the fact that we weren't really house shopping, and yet...here we are. So while I share photos of our property (what the heck?!  who says that?!  ME???!!! EEK!), I thought I'd tell … [Read more...]

We Just Moved In and BARELY unpacked House Tour

 Y'all. Moving with 4 kids and all the STUFF 6 people need is NO JOKE.  The last time we moved, Henry was 8 months old.  Not only was he only one baby, he was a brilliant napper.  Three naps a day. … [Read more...]

Kids’ Bathroom Update

I'll start this house-y post the same way I've started all the others: My house is fairly newish.  It was built in 2006, so it's in good shape and nothing really NEEDS replaced.  But, everything is … [Read more...]

School Rooms, Custom Desks, and Happy Color {Whatever Shop}

If you've been here a while, you know that I long ago turned what is supposed to be my formal dining room into a playroom. Long story short, all of the bedrooms are upstairs so toys were constantly … [Read more...]

Evolution of a little boy’s room

I had Henry's room painstakingly decorated before he even entered this world. Everything was perfect.  Bumper pads and crib skirts hand sewn.  A checkerboard pattern on the wall that took an entire … [Read more...]

Pretty Pulls

{I will have you know that I had to think long and hard about that post title.  Anything with the word "knobs" was nothing more than an invitation to some unfortunate googling.  This blogging gig is … [Read more...]

Lighting and Pendants and Lamps, Oh My! {Lamps PLUS}

If you've been reading for a while, you know I have a thing for hardware. I love hooks, pretty knobs, and lighting.  (In fact, I've had a post in my drafts about nothing but cabinet hardware for … [Read more...]

World Market Fall Update

You know those stores that you just absolutely love, but for some reason you kinda forget to go into them? That's how World Market is to me. I can wander around the aisles for hours and have the … [Read more...]