In buying this house, we sold our "old" one. I'm not one to belabor a point. I've moved on.  I'm in this new place.  We're good. I can be that way with friendships too.  I'm not super … [Read more...]

If you give Jeannett a new bedroom…

Now that we've unpacked all the boxes and are feeling more and more settled in by the day, my eye is now moving to making this house a home. I can't quite feel settled until I feel like the house … [Read more...]

Our Property. {EEK!}

I've mentioned the fact that we weren't really house shopping, and we are. So while I share photos of our property (what the heck?!  who says that?!  ME???!!! EEK!), I thought I'd tell … [Read more...]

We Just Moved In and BARELY unpacked House Tour

 Y'all. Moving with 4 kids and all the STUFF 6 people need is NO JOKE.  The last time we moved, Henry was 8 months old.  Not only was he only one baby, he was a brilliant napper.  Three naps a day. … [Read more...]

Kids’ Bathroom Update

I'll start this house-y post the same way I've started all the others: My house is fairly newish.  It was built in 2006, so it's in good shape and nothing really NEEDS replaced.  But, everything is … [Read more...]

School Rooms, Custom Desks, and Happy Color {Whatever Shop}

If you've been here a while, you know that I long ago turned what is supposed to be my formal dining room into a playroom. Long story short, all of the bedrooms are upstairs so toys were constantly … [Read more...]

Evolution of a little boy’s room

I had Henry's room painstakingly decorated before he even entered this world. Everything was perfect.  Bumper pads and crib skirts hand sewn.  A checkerboard pattern on the wall that took an entire … [Read more...]

Pretty Pulls

{I will have you know that I had to think long and hard about that post title.  Anything with the word "knobs" was nothing more than an invitation to some unfortunate googling.  This blogging gig is … [Read more...]