Want to Help?

The very fact that you clicked on this link makes me happy.  Yay for you!  Love that big ol’ heart of yours!

I get emails all the time from people wanting to help, asking if there is anything they can do, or if they can tell their story.

Here are the answers:

Spreading the Word:

Raising awareness of an issue, or money for a cause can be a tough thing to do.  But the truth is, that the more eyes that read about it, the better, right?  Luckily, social media makes that job just a little bit easier.  Here are some easy ways you can help spread the word about the series and/or fundraisers going on in this space:

  • *Host the Life Rearranged button in your blog sidebar (grab code is in my sidebar).
  • *Share specific posts on your Facebook page.
  • *Tweet/ReTweet about fundraisers and series.
  • *Blog about it on your own blog.

Social media is a giant pool…and the ripple effect can be astounding.  I’ve seen it happen so many times, and I am forever grateful to the people willing to tell their friends/readers about it too.  Good old fashioned word of mouth…in a very 21st century way…is still the way to get stuff done!

Encouraging others:

Did a guest post stir your heart?  Were you touched by the words of a blogger who allowed herself to be vulnerable?  Leave a comment. Let her know that her words mattered to you!  It is so so so hard to put yourself out there and share a part of your story that is so deeply personal…a few words can help make the sting a bit better.  Swear it.


Did someone else leave a comment that made you think?  Do you have just the right words that might make her day?  Reply to her comment!  Let this space be a community of support and encouragement!  I don’t want this to be a one-way conversation of me talking to you…I want discussion!  Let’s get those fingers typing!


Do you know someone who might benefit from reading the series being hosted?  Tell them about it!  I have received countless emails from women who were sent here by a friend…and thankful for it!  Sometimes, we don’t know what to say when a friend is hurting.  But maybe a simple “Hey, I saw this and thought of you.” is all it takes?

Sharing YOUR story:

While I genuinely wish I could host each and every story of my readers, time doesn’t exactly allow it.  So I’ve decided to host a post for each series where you can either link up a blog post you’ve written of your version of the story, or you can leave a comment telling it.  Either way, I hope that you can feel comfortable sharing your heart and journey in this space and offer encouragement to others on the path alongside you.

Connecting the dots:

Has something shared here…an organization…a comment…a series…helped you in some way?  Tell me about it!  This isn’t a plea for kudos and pats on the back…but I hope that this little space of the internet can actually make a difference.  I have had readers email to tell me that they had never heard of Reece’s Rainbow until they read about it here and are now adopting a little one!  Another reader emailed to say that they had no idea Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep existed, and was glad to have read about it when their sister had a still birth just weeks later.  I want you to hear my heart: I’m not asking you to tell me how wonderful this space is.  But I do want to share how God is at work and how what we do here does, in fact, make a difference.  Sharing your story of how a connection was made can encourage other readers who often wonder about their impact.

The moral here…and common thread in all of these things is: participate, participate, participate!

Are you a brand/company that wants to help in a bigger way?

Would your company be interested in partnering with this community and making a bigger impact?  I’m actively looking for coporate matching programs, lump sum donations and any other type of brand partnership for our fundraisers!  Email me at jeannett at liferearranged dot com and we can talk!



One, teeny, tiny disclaimer: I want this to be a safe place.  So be nice.  If you are mean, rude, or divisive, I’ll delete your comments.  I’ve never had that problem and I’ve never had to delete a comment, but I just want to be upfront.  You can think I’m lame for deleting, but I’m totally okay with that.  But I won’t have to do that…right???  Right?  Right.  (Did you see the mom eyebrow raise there?  Totally just happened.) :)


I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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