6 Reasons You Need the RemoteLync {giveaway}

If you've been around a while, you might remember that I'm kinda passionate about emergency preparedness.  Don't worry, I'm not a Doomsdayer worried about a Zombie Apocalypse, but when you have a … [Read more...]

Minted Holiday Cards {giveaway}

  It is time. Time to order holiday cards and get them in the mail to your loved ones.  (And let's face it, the people you don't love so much too.  Sometimes.) If you mail out cards, let … [Read more...]

Fire Stations, Donations, & a PSA

You might remember that I asked if you guys wouldn't mind taking a fire safety quiz. The quiz was sponsored by Kidde and was a quick and easy set of questions geared toward reminding you to be fire … [Read more...]

Grey Paint and Gray Paint and Gallery Walls {barn owl primitives giveaway!}

You might remember the debacle that became known as Pick A Gray That Is Actually GRAY 2014 around here. First of all, I tried to love my white walls.  I did.  I know it's the In Thing right … [Read more...]

Migraines and Little Kids {giveaway closed}

***Congrats to Lindsay C.**** If you've been around here long enough, you know I've shared my sordid journey with migraines over the years. It's really difficult to explain to people who have … [Read more...]

Gentle Reminders & a giveaway! {barn owl primitives}

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a mom has been how DIFFERENT kids are. I guess you kinda know that in general...of course we're all different and have different personalities...of … [Read more...]

Organized Sports & Simple Living: Let’s Discuss {and a giveaway}

I'm not the world's most intentional mom, but one of the few things I can say I'm super aware of...that I go out of my way to cultivate, is a home environment that encourages free play and … [Read more...]

FedEx, Countless Possibilities, & Giving Back {giveaway}

I taught the 2-3's Sunday School class one year. About 3 weeks in (as in, three whole Sundays), I realized that a teacher I was not. All the advance planning, prep work, being patient with other … [Read more...]