Fourth of July Photo Dump

The plan for today is to snap some We-Just-Moved-In-So-Its-Still-A-Work-In-Progress-Home-Tour pictures, but first, I have to straighten this place up and keep the kids from undoing ALL THE THINGS just … [Read more...]

Containers and My Fantastically Quirky Kid

Henry is seriously the weirdest, funniest, quirkiest, little guy ever. He's a thrill seeking, adrenaline loving kid covered in scratches and bruises.  He competes in skateboard series.  He shoots BB … [Read more...]

Sunday Smiles

{source} … [Read more...]

They notice cakes.

Today is Henry's 7th birthday. First of all, NOT okay. "Hey buddy, what kind of cake do you want?" "What shaped pans do you have...maybe I can just do one you already have so you don't have … [Read more...]

Summer Program at Michael’s Stores!

You guys. Do you know about this? Michael's craft stores are hosting a Passport to Imagination summer series of classes. Two bucks per kid per class.  Two hours. Two dollars. It runs … [Read more...]


You know what? I stink at dancing. I have about as much rhythm as a grapefruit. But you know what more? ONE LIFE. The end. … [Read more...]

Wedding Gifts, Breaking & Entering, and Strings

"Listen.  I just went through your wedding registry and it's all pillow cases and placemats.  And while that's great you want these things, I refuse to spend my money on any number of the 12 Helena … [Read more...]

Teach them kindness, friends. Always.

  You know those friends you adore to the moon and back but truth be told, Life? Those friends you love and miss but they live far away, so beyond the occasional Facebook status and a … [Read more...]