Gentle Reminders & a giveaway! {barn owl primitives}

One of the most fascinating aspects of being a mom has been how DIFFERENT kids are.

I guess you kinda know that in general…of course we’re all different and have different personalities…of course.

But somehow, seeing it play out in my own home is just so intriguing.

Take Henry.  A classic introvert.  Loves all things science and math.  Loves to have big, heady, way older than he is conversations. He often cuddles up with me and says “Mom, what should we talk about?”  He’s an old soul.  Sensitive.  Feels empathy in a way that I see very rarely in even adults.

Lu is an extrovert to the core.  Asks me how many days until school starts daily.  Wants to know when her friend can come over.  Always wants to come with me to the store, even if it’s nowhere exciting.  She likes to draw and color and be creative. She is BOLD.  I remember when she was a newborn, I could see the feisty independence as early as 6 weeks old and I used to say “If she didn’t need me for sustenance, I’m pretty sure she’d have her own apartment by now.”  SIX WEEKS and I could tell.  Seriously.

Jill is an almost perfect mix of sweet and silly.  She has a goofiness to her that pairs perfectly with a dainty femininity.  She loves books and animals.  And seems especially pleased with herself when she makes us laugh.  Also, sugar.  Girlfriend loves sugar.  Because cake.

Owen is the resident class clown.  Precocious, goofy, and thrives on being the center of attention.  Pretty sure I’ll be getting notes home from the principal with this one.  And yet, the biggest mama’s boy of them all.  #naughtyporkchop and such.

My four kids have four distinct personalities.  YET, they all have the same parents.  The same upbringing.  The same home.  The same discipline.  The same socio-economic status.  The same EVERYTHING ELSE.

And yet, from their very earliest moments, I began to see shimmers of their personality, even as bitty burrito wrapped babies.



Because it reminds me, like a smack in the face, that God made them this way.

God created these little tiny, deliciously grunting, arms over the head, legs pulled tight stretching babes.

And here they are.  In my care.


The most delicate of packages.  Addressed to me and Andy.  And hot dang if that isn’t a heavy realization some days.

As a mom, I know that who I am to my children, the expectations I place on them, the way I interact, react, and project will slowly shape them as they grow.  Sometimes for the good.  Sometimes for the bad.

But always, my goal is to encourage them to be who God created them to be.

To see their strengths and weaknesses and rather than try to put a square peg in a round hole, I want to walk alongside them.  Even if it’s not the exact path I would have preferred.

Naturally, one of my all-time favorite quotes is from George Macdonald.  I’ve had this quote printed out in a simple Arial font and framed in Henry’s room since before he was born.  A simple reminder that this motherhood thing isn’t so much about me and what I want, but about God and what He intended.

When Kristi of Barn Owl Primitives offered to make me a custom sign (and host another giveaway!), I knew I wanted a prettier version of my sign.

And, as you can see, she did not disappoint.

Her work is just perfection.


The color combos.  The just-right amount of distressing.  Perfection.  (Also, this xylophone?  I die.)

I love that I’m reminded in such a happy way.

And that my kids might see my heart in these words.  That they might think “Yeah, Mom screws up.  She could do lots of things better.  But you know, I get what she’s trying to do.”

All of that to say that I need visual reminders sometimes.  To re-focus what my overall goals are.  To give me a sense of Deep Breathe You Can Do This moments.  To gently say Hey.  Get over yourself.  This is bigger than Legos on the floor and broken tea sets.

I love intentional art.  I can’t decide if this latest BOP sign or my rainbow one is my favorite.  Can you have two favorites?

Kristi is generously offering one of you a $75 credit to her shop!

Just fill in the rafflecopter prompts below and I’ll select a winner on Saturday, March 22!

Please Note:  gift certificate is valid towards the purchase of product only. Winner is responsible for any taxes and shipping charges where applicable. This gift certificate cannot be combined with any other offer or discount code.

Disclosure: I was provided a sign for review.  All opinions are my own.  The usual.

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  1. 51
    Rebecca Ragan says:

    Exodus 14:14 is my fav verse right now!!! Love that sign!

  2. 52

    I love Barn Owl Primatives! So creative and all of her art adds a special touch to any room!

  3. 53

    Loving the Easter sign

  4. 54
    Ashley Stout says:

    It is quite a blessing and a responsibility to be stewards of these sweet spirits we have been sent!

  5. 55

    Thankks for another nformative website. Where else could I am getting that kind of info written in such an
    iddeal approach? I’ve a undertaking that I’m just now running on, and I
    have been on the look out for such information.
    mrs´s last blog post ..mrs

  6. 56
    Ashley Stout says:

    Grow beautiful or you are my sunshine!!

  7. 57

    I love so many of the signs a few I have been wanting to get for forever! The one I love is be awesome today!

  8. 58
    Shannon Linser says:

    I’m DYING for a BOP sign. I’m with you on the intentional art. I love having words in my home that remind me to be who God intends me to be and I can’t wait for my kids to be able to read and understand these things as well.

  9. 59

    Oh my, she has added some beautiful things since the last time I looked. I just love all of her stuff! That xylophone is to die for! I am redoing our playroom and it would be so precious in there! However, I think my Favorite is the red sign that reads, “I have found the one my soul loves” from Song of Solomon. That was our wedding verse. Love it!
    Angie´s last blog post ..List Three

  10. 60

    I love the “I am … Enough” sign. It’s such a beautiful reminder. Although, choosing was SO hard!

  11. 61

    Love the “Go into the world and do good.”

  12. 62

    You weren’t kidding…so hard to choose my favorite. I love the over the door signs to have that reminder as you leave to house or a family rules sign.

  13. 63
    Jenn Ryan says:

    “I have found the one whom my soul loves”
    That sign will hang on my bedroom wall someday…

  14. 64
    Tonya Sargalski says:

    Love them all! My favorite today….. Love with your whole heart.

  15. 65
    Jennifer W says:

    I like the one that quotes “Trust in the Lord…” Proverbs 3:5-6, it’s one of my favorite Bible verses.

  16. 66

    Oh my gosh, I can’t pick a favorite! But I love the be awesome today and I’ve found the one whom my soul loves!
    julie´s last blog post ..Mamas and Plans….

  17. 67

    I would like the Fruits of the Spirit sign in my kitchen; my kids have gotten a kick out of memorizing them lately.

  18. 68

    Ummm, can I just have one like yours? We are in the process of getting our foster care license and i decided that these would be the colors of the room a few days ago. This sign would be PERFECT for a room for foster kids!! How meaningful!!! :)
    Kindel´s last blog post ..Old Things, Made New – A Gift for My Grandmother

  19. 69

    I really love the you are my sunshine one. A great pop of color!

  20. 70

    BOP is a favorite of mine. They have so many amazing and inspirational quotes available for the home.

  21. 71

    Love that quote! My favorite sign right now from BOP is the three little birds one.

  22. 72

    Someday I will purchase the “you are my sunshine” board, I just need a house to put it in!
    Katie´s last blog post ..Mazatlan Workouts

  23. 73
    Robin Canter says:

    Awesome giveaway!!! “You are my sunshine” is my favorite. Used to sing it all the time to my son when he was a baby.

  24. 74

    I love your new sign!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..My Last Day of Pregnancy

  25. 75

    I have loved Barn Owl Primitives FOREVER!!! I think I’d copy your sign ;) I love it! And, thank you for this post – I thought I was crazy for being able to tell my son’s personality from when he was weeks old. So far, he’s lived up to how I expected him to be ;) Love it!
    Andi T.´s last blog post ..Hmmm… So, It’s Been Awhile…

  26. 76

    I love your sign! But I love all of the Christmas ones too!

  27. 77
    Katy Davis says:

    My favorite .. Every Child is an Artist

  28. 78
    Amanda in MT says:

    This is beautiful!! And so are your kiddies!!

  29. 79

    Super cute signs! They are cheerful and make me happy.

  30. 80

    Ok, table manners it is. Maybe some of the male members of my household will read it and take heed (There’s only one. He knows who he is.). Ahem.

  31. 81

    I love so many of the signs and have been wanting to get one forever!

  32. 82
    Whitney J. says:

    I’ve always loved the “I am brave…” sign! I want to hang it in my little girl’s room :)

  33. 83

    My etsy feed is full of faves from BOP. Can’t wait to ask for one for my birthday!

  34. 84

    I have an endless list! I love the You Are My Sunshine for my kids room but I would LOVE to have a couple of customs that I’m saving up for :)

  35. 85
    Jennifer Mehl says:

    I think I would take a sign just like yours, from Barn Owl. I love it!!!

  36. 86

    I adore your sign but I also love we can do hard things in white & turquoise :)

  37. 87
    Cheryl V says:

    I love the we can do hard things sign

  38. 88
    Barbara leonard says:

    I love the nursery room sign.

  39. 89
    RANDI COOK says:

    The one that say’s “make today the best day ever!”

  40. 90

    I love the yellow “you are my sunshine” sign!

  41. 91
    Lori Morton says:

    Soooo hard to pick only ONE… but this is my most “Gotta Have!” ….. “Family Rules This Is Your Life – Typography Word Art” It is AWESOME!!!

  42. 92

    I would have to say “You are my Sunshine” and any of the “Family Rules.” I had to chuckle at the “Let it Snow” one because of the brutal winter we have had on the east coast!

  43. 93

    We can do hard things… Oh how I want that!

  44. 94

    I love all of your signs!

  45. 95

    My Fav is Be Awesome Today. Love it!
    Shawna´s last blog post ..It’s not “just” ADHD

  46. 96

    My favorite, though soooo hard to choose, is Though she be but little…

    It perfectly describes my girls!

  47. 97
    Michelle says:

    Pretty hard to choose just one…You are my sunshine (the colourful one).

  48. 98

    My favorite is the “Be Real, Be Wholehearted.”

  49. 99

    I like thre three little birds sign

  50. 100

    I love the Joan of Arc quote!
    Emily B´s last blog post ..7QT – Spring is Here!