On Luxury. And talking out of both sides of your mouth.


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I texted my sister and got no response. The next afternoon,  “Sorry.  Just saw this.  I couldn’t find my phone and it died while it was lost.” My immediate thought was “Wow.  Must be nice.  I wonder if she has […]

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Sunday Smiles


  (free printable…perfect for Valentine’s Day!…HERE.)  

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Whaaaaaa? I know.  I’m a blogging train wreck.  But I’m pretty active on my FB page, so that has to count, right? (I’m jeannettg on Insta if you want to follow). And it turns out, I’ve been pretty quiet on Instagram too…which is my one true social media love. Here’s the deal: over the holidays, […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Decisions. Help.


It’s been really quiet around here, but mostly because it’s been loud in real life.  Not bad loud, just holiday crazy loud. I don’t even know what day of the week it is at this point.  It’s all just a weird blur. What I do know is that the time has come when I’m ready […]

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Getting Your Kids to Ride Roller Coasters and Make Good Life Choices


I’m often asked how I get my very young kids to ride roller coasters. When Lucy was literally 3 years old, she was tall enough for Space Mountain…and LOVED it.  Loved.  (Honestly, I think back to how young she was and even I’m surprised.)  (For those of you interested, here is a video of the […]

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Holiday Memories {giveaway}


  Ah, the holidays. You know, it’s stressful.  And crazy.  And hectic. And wonderful.  And marvelous.  And lovely. Part of that wonderful stress is maintaining (and inventing?) Tradition. Like baking cookies. Listen, anyone who says that baking with small children is a great experience of happiness and love HAS CLEARLY NEVER BAKED WITH SMALL CHILDREN. […]

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I know. I haven’t blogged in like two weeks (which is 20 years in blog years) and I come to you with FLOORS. Listen.  Let me ease back into this. It’s like riding a bike: you never really forget, but you might be wobbly. (Also, I straight up got out of bed at 4:20…so that […]

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Sunday Smiles and Checking In


{source}   Wellll helllo there friends! Look.  I know it’s been crickets around here.  For a while, it was an issue of being busy and honestly, not having much to say.  But lately, I actually have some ideas bouncing around in my head and I really, really WANT to blog.  I do. BUT I BLAME […]

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