You guys. It has been…REAL. I’m so tired.  But good tired.  All Good Things. But still. Sorry for the radio silence around here (because I’m sure you’ve all been slowly withering away), but we just barely got internet access to the house.  Turns out, the previous owners never had cable or internet.  Ever.  And it’s […]

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Shopping. Deals. Basically it’s my favorite.


You might have noticed a little button in my sidebar recently added that proclaims that I am a Homemaker. Basically, that’s a clever way of saying that I get to work with a great brand and tell  my wonderful readers (that’s you) about it from time to time. If you’ve been reading along for a […]

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They notice cakes.


Today is Henry’s 7th birthday. First of all, NOT okay. “Hey buddy, what kind of cake do you want?” “What shaped pans do you have…maybe I can just do one you already have so you don’t have to go buy one…” “Whoa, wait.  All of mom’s cake stuff is packed.  I was going to order […]

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Sunday Smiles



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Summer Program at Michael’s Stores!

michaels tickets

You guys. Do you know about this? Michael’s craft stores are hosting a Passport to Imagination summer series of classes. Two bucks per kid per class.  Two hours. Two dollars. It runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am to noon from June 16-August 1. You can do as many or as few as you’d […]

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Link Love


You don’t have to watch the whole thing…it’s long…just scroll across.  And see his JOY.  Gah.  I love Love.   Dear Children: Let me explain this thing called summer. – We are THAT family.   Please tell me you are following the Facebook pages of Jamie and  Kristen?  They are in SE Asia with Exodus […]

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Blogging has been sloooooow this week. But when the Porkchop has discovered how to climb out of his crib and let himself out of his room well before the appointed hour of 7, trying to form a coherent thought is dicey.  At best. But the show much go on…with InstaFriday! (I’m jeannettg on insta if […]

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Fire safety, a quiz, and a challenge

fire safe

Did you know that June is Home Safety Month? I know it doesn’t sound as sexy or fun or Pinterest worthy as say, National Donut Day, but I promise you it is way more important.  No matter how many rainbow sprinkles that donut has. Home Safety has become a bit of a passion of mine. […]

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