Halloween 2014


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!THIS POST IS JUST ABOUT COSTUMES. There is no take away.  Nothing inspirational.  No life lessons or funny anecdotes. IT’S JUST COSTUMES. And lots of them.  Because Grandmas. Thank you for your patience in this matter.  We apologize for any […]

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  Happy Halloweeeeeeeen friends! Today’s a busy day, not really so much because of the trick or treating festivities, but in just a few hours two sweet friends are coming over to help me SHIP #TEAMJILLY SHIRTS!!!! Pray that PayPal isn’t janky today.  No.  Seriously.  All success hangs on PayPal not being persnickety. In the […]

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Caring For Your Daughter’s Curly Hair


“Such pretty curly hair!  Just like your mama!” I still jump back in surprise when I hear that.  They’re right, of course. I too, have long, curly hair.  Our curls almost identical, only that mine are much darker without the stunning variations of golden blonde like hers. Except that it wasn’t always that way. In […]

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#SIMPLEGiving is Simply Giving


“Hey guys!  Wanna come with me today?  I have a special project to do…” Excitedly, they piled into the car, a jumble of untied shoes and unkempt hair. “What is it mama?” “Remember how mom and dad tell you that sometimes there are other kids who don’t have enough?  They don’t always have enough food […]

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Sunday Smiles



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Putting together a Jesse Advent.

Long time readers: I post this every year.  Lo siento. I know.  I know. I’m one of those people right now. It drives me batty when people leap frog right over holidays, but in this case, I’m trying to be helpful. For the last several years, my family has done a Jesse Advent tradition.  Every […]

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InstaFRIIIIIIIIIIDAAAAAAY! Every week we get together and tell the stories behind the filtered photos. I’m jeannettg on Insta if you want to follow. I foolishly signed up for a sugar detox thing last week.  Except it wasn’t just SUGAR, like the sweet kind, but it was all suGARS…which included grains, fruits, and pretty much EVERYTHING. […]

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Mornings, Strange Feelings, and the Disneyland Hotel


  I wrote a post the other day about how blogging has changed dramatically and QUICKLY. And you guys were so incredible and kind in your response. And you made it pretty clear that you didn’t need Life Lesson posts every time.  Which is a huge relief because honestly?  I’m in no position to be […]

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