Reluctant Reader, Kindles, & FreeTime Unlimited


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! As a lover of books myself, it has come as a great source of disappointment that my oldest, at a whopping 7 years old, has little to no interest in reading. I suppose it would be like Michael Jordan’s […]

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Sunday Smiles



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InstaFriday: Jilly Update Edition


Welp, we’re home. And no, she didn’t have a seizure. But even still it was a good and successful trip.  Which is weird considering she didn’t have a seizure…the whole point of our hospital admittance. I’ll explain, but I think it’s good to give a quick background: Jill is a twin, and was Baby B. […]

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Jilly’s Hospital Stay


Jill and I head out bright and early tomorrow morning. Actually, it will still be dark out.  I’m thinking 5:00.  To be there in time for our 10:00 slot. I realized this week as people said “Wait, what are you doing?!  Is everything okay???” that I did a lousy job of explaining what was happening. […]

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Formal Dining Room to Masculine Home Office


Jeannett!  What’s going on here?!  You’ve blogged sporadically for months, and now you’re blogging all kinds!  Don’t you have a million and ten things to do before your trip to the hospital with Jill in just a few days?!?!?! Dear Reader, I’m a Professional Procrastinator.  I thought you knew.  Love, j. You might remember this […]

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Tips for Dining at Disneyland Parks: Save Money & Our Favorite Places to Eat

Disneyland Dining Tips

*I’ve mostly shied away from blogging Disney tips and tricks mainly because I feel like there are SO MANY Disney specific blogs out there that already do this very thing.  But I’m often asked by readers for MY opinions, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts over the next few posts.   […]

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A sweet day, filled with hard.


I’m often wrapped up in the Doing and Getting Finished of life. Spontaneity is a struggle. Plus, I’m a homebody.  And right now, the two youngest are like having twin toddlers.  So hunkering down is mostly a Life Necessity. A few weeks ago, I woke up and decided to spend the day outside.  Just a few […]

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Solar Power Buying vs. Leasing: Everything you wanted to know and then some!

IMG_2496 copy

NOT sponsored.  Just sharing what I’ve learned.  I’d love a few referrals, but that’s a bonus offered to all customers, not just me because I have a blog. Alrighty then.  You ready? (If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend that you read this post where I explain how residential solar power works.  Not in […]

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