If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!In buying this house, we sold our “old” one. I’m not one to belabor a point. I’ve moved on.  I’m in this new place.  We’re good. I can be that way with friendships too.  I’m not super interested in things […]

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She Walks.


I’ve written hundreds of blog posts.  Maybe even thousands. But a few seem to stand out for me.  Not so much because they are eloquently written, but for some reason, I remember them.  The words, the thoughts, how my heart ached as I typed in the dark of early morning. The one about buying a […]

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I really, really, really hate painting. But I can’t hang with white walls. I know that white walls are the Thing right now. And I tried.  Really, I did.  I can see the allure: crisp, fresh, bright.  Also, no need to paint. But honestly?  It felt like I was in a rental.  Nothing wrong with […]

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If you give Jeannett a new bedroom…


Now that we’ve unpacked all the boxes and are feeling more and more settled in by the day, my eye is now moving to making this house a home. I can’t quite feel settled until I feel like the house is decorated. This is a really obnoxious defect, because it’s silly and materialistic and frankly, […]

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Always. No matter what.


Henry recently found his Always bracelet and has been wearing it regularly again. He seems to have a penchant for wearing a bracelet of some sort.  Sometimes it’s his blue and green paracord bracelet a friend made, other times it’s a set of brown beads that are actually acai berry seeds strung together, and lots […]

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Sunday Smiles


{instant download from here}

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InstaFriday: where we tell the stories behind the grainy pictures. Join us! (I’m jeannettg on Instagram if you want to follow!) A friend of mine is on bedrest and I offered to take her girls for a playdate so she could have a break. This is how I sent them home. Not entirely sure how […]

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