Baby Girl Garden Shower

My friend Tracy was pregnant (and I say was because she's since had her baby, because slacker blogger) with her 7th child. Not because the distinction matters, but four of her children are … [Read more...]

Pink and Gold Baby Shower

  My sister Diana is having her second baby, another girl.  (In fact, she's scheduled to have her little girl this Thursday!  EEK!!!!) When she asked me to throw her shower, I knew JUST … [Read more...]

Succulents, Pallet Troughs, and Tension

My husband is self employed. He and some of his college buddies decided to be all entrepreneur-like and buck the idea of a steady paycheck, benefits, and life in a cubicle to stay on the central … [Read more...]

Owen’s First Birthday Party

All of my pregnancies had the same basic due date. Which means that I now have four kids with birthdays within days of each other. Trying to squeeze in parties gets tricky, complicated by the … [Read more...]

Nautical Inspired Baby Boy Shower

My sweet friend Lindsey is pregnant with her first baby and they're having a BOY! It's been a long pregnancy, with the last couple of months being quite complicated and resulting in some pretty … [Read more...]

Blinged Out Purple Birthday Party

My sister Diana and I joined forces last month and threw our mom a surprise 50th birthday party. My mom is always the one throwing parties for everyone else...and she had never had a party for … [Read more...]

Sweet & Simple Baby Shower

My dear friend Becky (who has a really fun wedding blog) is having a baby girl in a few weeks, so last night Joy and I co-hosted a shower for her. Yes, on a Wednesday. Summer is a busy time for … [Read more...]

Cake in a Mason Jar

    Let me begin by simply saying I did not invent this. I got the idea from here. Which I found through Pinterest. Which is addicting and fabulous all rolled into one. I … [Read more...]