Baby Girl Garden Shower

My friend Tracy was pregnant (and I say was because she’s since had her baby, because slacker blogger) with her 7th child.

Not because the distinction matters, but four of her children are biological and three are adopted.  I only point that out because my uterus gets tired just thinking about that much expanding and contracting.  So I thought I’d clarify.  Then again, I’m pretty sure my uterus is a wimp.  Maybe 7 babies isn’t that tough to do for the average womb.

In any case, all uteri aside, this was Tracy’s second girl.  Her first and only other daughter was almost 10.  So it had been almost a decade since Tracy has had the feminine sweetness of pink and flowers and sugar and spice and all that.

Not that boys are bad…we love our boys…but hello, pink.

I decided on a frilly garden party as the theme.  Lots of pinks and peaches and aqua and mint and all things pastel.


I’m clearly not a chalkboard artist, but I wanted to navigate guests to the backyard area where the party would be.


If you’re really astute (and you’ve been around a bit), you might recognize that chalkboard as a kitchen cupboard door.

Remember that painting debacle that turned out great, but not before it was a disaster that had me in tears?

A quick coat of chalkboard paint in the center panel and I had myself a fun sign.

Lemons and lemonade and all that.


More little chalkboard arrows encouraged folks to keep going.  (These were from the dollar bins at Target…Easter decor I think).





Vintage aqua mason jars held peach roses and bunches of baby’s breath.  Because nothing says girly like baby’s breath.


Bitty little wooden crates held giant fresh local strawberries (thank you, California) and served as favors for our guests.


Mason jars tied with pastel raffia and topped with paper straws brought in some finishing touches.


Each place setting also held a small wooden spoon and a yellow doily.  Not because the doily served any purpose.  Except looking pretty.  Which I suppose IS the true purpose of a doily, so there ya go.

Table runner was a floral print wrapping paper from Target layered on top of burlap so that it contrasted against the white tablecloth.


(Berry baskets and unstamped wooden spoons from here.  I painted color blocked pastels on each spoon by hand.  It sounds more impressive than it is.  Promise.)


I didn’t have enough chairs, so I decided to just kinda have them out on the lawn.  I figured people would grab a seat and move it to whereever they wanted.

Which, they did.

These were brown wood chairs I snagged from a friend for free.  A quick (and I mean QUICK) coat of white spray paint and coordinating fabric tied on the backs made it look like they were there on purpose.


I decided to take advantage of this tree/hammock area and used it as a back drop for the party.


I may or may not have just left half of that stuff up for the summer because it’s so dreamy.


You’ve been eyeing that vintage stove haven’t you?

My friend and co-host Janice mentioned that she had a great vintage stove that would be great for setting food on.  I half jokingly suggested she bring it over.  Before I knew it, I was man handling a vintage stove into the back of a truck and hauling it over to my house.

Baby showers are serious business.


I mean, how could we not?!

And to make it even better….Janice gifted it to me!  Something about a one-year later housewarming gift.

I told her she was crazy.  She insisted.  I obliged.


Be on the lookout for it on every single party post I ever write for the rest of time.


My friend Joy has the most incredible collection of vintage jadeite.

Naturally, I raided her cabinets a few days earlier.



Nilla wafers, ice cream and sprinkles.  BRILLIANT.

Janice was in charge of food and she knocked it out of the park.







I think Tracy was pretty excited by all the girly stuff. IMG_9673





Congrats Tracy.  Thanks for giving me an excuse to throw a girly party in my backyard!



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  1. 1
    Robin C. says:

    Oh my gosh girl – you rocked this baby shower. Wish I lived near you, wish I was pregnant, wish we were real friends so I could get this baby shower too. Ok, I’ll stop. I’m weird-ing myself out. This was beautiful!

  2. 2

    Love the party! So pretty and fun!! That stove!!! Amazeballs!!! Do you know where the water dispenser is from? I love that and need one!!! So nice to see you here again, I know you have had trouble with ye old blog recently! I hope the bugs (and hackers) have been worked out!! Yay for baby showers!!!

  3. 3

    The shower looked gorgeous, but oh-em-gee that view!! P.s. I got SUPER stoked when I saw you had written a post. I know (from FB) that you’ve been having trouble with some technical stuff, but know that you have faithful readers that love when are able to write and totally understand when you can’t. :) I hope Jill had a few cupcakes, too. <3

  4. 4

    Gorgeous! So inspiring. This one is going to make a magazine someday. Oh, yeah.