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A couple of weeks ago, I shared (has it been that long already?) about the update we did to our kids’ bathroom.  A huge focal point of the room is the far wall where I’ve finally been able to display all of the prints I’ve been hoarding for the last several years.


I’m a big fan of intentional art.  And by art, I mean free printables and rad stuff from some of my favorite artsy friends.  Not art that is like, from an auction or looks like something Owen threw a box of Crayola washable paints on and then I paid $5,000 for it.  Perhaps I need to be fancier to appreciate that kind of thing.  Or perhaps I haven’t lost my cotton pickin’ first world mind quite yet.


For now, I especially like to display affirming words, meaningful verses, and gentle reminders throughout my house.  When the kids are reading, they will see these words and perhaps serve as a gentle, humane, brainwashing technique and therefore they will then forget all the times I yelled and threatened to sell them on Craigslist.  (What’s funny is that you think I’m joking.)

So I thought I’d give you a more detailed view of the prints I’ve hung.  Now keep in mind that I’ve owned some of these for years, where they’ve lived quietly in a drawer waiting for the right opportunity.  Many I’ve gotten on super sale.  And some were gifted to me.  So before you start clicking links and freaking out that I spent a small fortune (Andy, I’m talking to you), know that it’s not quite accurate.  This wall is kind of a labor of love and patience.  I’ve been dying to hang some of these for a very very long time.  Capiche?

Also, let’s pretend I had enough foresight to number the pictures in these collages.  Running clockwise, here are the places you can find these prints:


1.  This little red print was a freebie Julie created and she and I gifted to the girls who came to hear us speak at Blog Sugar.  I don’t think it’s available for sale in her shop though.  Lo siento.

2.  Love is Spoken Here print by The Painted Arrow.  (available as a print or a digital download)

3.  Be Still & Know by the uber talented Pen & Paint.

4.  This is another one of our freebies from Blog Sugar.


1.  Yikes.  Another freebie we gave away (I think there were 4-5).

2.  1 Thessalonians print by Naptime Diaries.  (I swoon at every item in her shop)

3.  Good Morning Sunshine print by Children Inspire Design (the print I have was a closeout so she no longer carries it.  Which is a bummer, but all of her stuff is fantastic.)

4.  Go into the world print by Pen & Paint again.  I cannot express how much I adore this saying.  And Lindsay.


1.  A cute little wooden hello sign that I spraypainted pink.  I got it at a Queen Bee Market several years ago.  Don’t remember the vendor.  Boo.

2.  Fruits of the Spirit print from Fancy That Design House.  I die at her talent.

3.  I’ll Eat You Up print (I got this from a special fundraiser and can’t find the shop, but there are lots of other prints with that quote).  I am forever telling my kids that I’m going to eat them up.  This simple print is kinda like my motherhood in a frame.

4.  A sweet little handpainted canvas we bought from a street vendor on our honeymoon in Jamaica.  Back when we were young and tan and not so tired all the time.

1.  T.H.I.N.K. Another freebie from Blog Sugar.  The letters stand for True. Helpful. Inspiring. Necessary. Kind.

And this fantastic canvas by Red Letter Words.  It’s resting on the toilet right now because the wainscotting went up a little higher than I expected and now it doesn’t fit in that little space of wall.  I need to find a new home for it, but I also kinda love it there.

So there ya go.  My gallery wall complete with links.  And bad lighting.








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  1. 1

    Im culling a bunch a prints too for my girl’s soon-to-be- shared room! I love all of yours and so glad you shared!
    Whitney´s last blog post ..What Kinsey Wore Wednesday: fringe vest

  2. 4

    Love it. I really want to make a print collage in my house but I’ve been at a loss as to where a good fit would be…… I end up hanging them in my cubicle at work for periods of time and then rotating them. Lol living the dream through your blog!