Spread the Word {giveaway #1} GIVEAWAY CLOSED

{To enter to win a Canon T3 DSLR or a Kindle, go HERE.}

One of the things that I learned during Cliff’s fundraiser last year  was that people want to do good.

They want to make a difference.

They want to rock social media for God’s glory.

Libby and her family had a heart for helping the sweet babes at Reece’s Rainbow too.

So we joined forces and came up with some fun ways to take what the world intends for shameless self promotion and turn it on it’s head.

Twitter doesn’t have to just exist so that we know what shoes Kim Kardashian is wearing today (although they are always fabulous).

Facebook doesn’t have to be only about tagging ourselves in the local grocery store and proclamations that we just bought strawberry yogurt.

This is where WE are gonna say “Look at the world.  See it.”

The more eyes that read about Xander, the more opportunities for that reader to turn into a donor.

But I can’t do it on my own.

I need YOUR help.

Are you in?

Besides, I’ll be randomly selecting TWO winners to win one of these two prizes.

Now…you might notice that the person who wins this giveaway can do so without donating one cent to the fundraiser.

I know.

The deal is that even though you see it all over the place, it’s technically not kosher to tie donations to entries.  I’d prefer to play it safe…as much as I’m tempted to do the whole “give $1, get 1 entry” thing.


Please know that while no donation is necessary to win…and donating to Xander’s adoption fund will not increase your chances…it’s the whole point of all of this.  (Here are the official rules.)

I would urge you to please consider giving if you choose to enter the giveaway.  Even $1.  I promise that your $1 will add up with someone else’s dollar and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I promise.  Promise. Promise.

Again, I don’t want to confuse the issue: there is no donation necessary to win.  I just think it’d be nice.  :)

Without further ado:

One randomly selected winner will win….

A 5 qt. KitchenAid stand mixer in the color of your choice!!!!!

After being forced to use a hand mixer over Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, my resolve to marry my stand mixer is even stronger.

(Color selection as available through Amazon.com and valued at up to $299.99).

A second randomly selected winner will win…

A Bosch 18-v Lithium Drill Driver!!!

This would be an awesome gift for your husband, or heck, if you’re a DIYer, maybe you’d love it!

(value up to $190)

How do ya win?

You have three ways to enter:

1.  Host the “Make Christmas Count” button on your blog.  (It’s in my sidebar…and yes, I will be checking.)

2.  Facebook about the Fundraiser.  NOT about this giveaway, but about the FUNDRAISER.  (To make it easy, there’s even a little button at the bottom of the original post you can click and it’ll automatically post to your wall.)

3.  Tweet about the Fundraiser.  Here, I’ve even made it easy for you:

My Christmas is going to COUNT this year! Come meet Xander and enter to win a KA Stand Mixer or Bosch Drill! @jeannettg http://bit.ly/uALDyq

Leave me a separate comment in THIS POST for each of the things you do above.  (That’s up to three separate comments.)

If you are haven’t yet, please consider learning more about Xander and possibly make a small donation.  ANY amount is appreciated.

We have a $1,000 matching grant to use up!!!

(Winners will be selected on December 31, 2011.)


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  1. 102
  2. 103

    I shared this on my blog and put up the button. Honestly, this has seriously been on my heart for the past couple of weeks and so it’s not about the giveaway — I just want to help, as cliche as that may sound!

  3. 104

    I also shared the fundraiser on my facebook.

  4. 105

    Gave to little Xander ~ my daughter is one of his prayer warrior’s. She always remembers him. Thanks for raising funds and awareness!

  5. 106

    Hi friend.

    Still trying to support this great cause. I Facebooked about it today. I also have a Reeses’s Rainbow link on my blog. :)

  6. 107
    Christine M says:
  7. 108

    I’m hosting your button …. it’s adorable by the way ;).

  8. 109

    I blogged about this AND shared that blog post to my facebook page … I think that counts?!?

  9. 110

    Tweet Tweet :).

  10. 111

    I shared on Facebook. :)

  11. 112

    I also tweeted.

  12. 113

    I love what you’re doing here on this blog of yours. its truly amazing!
    I put the button up on my sidebar and plan on doing a blog post to help xander in my advent conspiracy series.

  13. 114
  14. 115

    I shared on my facebook wall. facebook.com/andthenshesnapped

  15. 116

    I put the button on my blog. This is an amazing giveaway i may not be able to donate until next payday so between now and then i will share it with everyone!! :)

  16. 117

    oh my blog is sweetsandshutterclicks.blogspot.com


  17. 118

    I facebooked about the fundraiser not only on my personal page but on my blog’s facebook too.


  18. 119

    I tweeted about the fundraiser and the giveaway both..

    @__Jodi is my twittername

  19. 120

    I tweeted. Thanks for the text it made it easy.

  20. 121

    Tweet tweet!!

  21. 122

    I’ve facebooked it.

  22. 123

    And I’m adding the button too. (Not that it will help me win, LOL, but I’m also going to donate for this sweet boy. x)

    You are doing a beautiful thing.

  23. 124

    I shared the fundraiser on Facebook

  24. 125

    I also tweeted about Xander’s fundraiser :-)

  25. 126

    I tweeted the info :)

  26. 127
  27. 128

    I put the button on our blog! teamparkerblog.wordpress.com

  28. 129

    I shared on FB.
    I donated $5.

  29. 130
    Sarah Atkinson says:

    I shared the fundraiser on Facebook.

  30. 131
  31. 132
  32. 133

    I am going to donate because I want to make Christmas count! :-)

  33. 134


  34. 135

    tweeted too

  35. 136

    I posted on Facebook about your fundraiser! God Bless!

  36. 137

    I tweeted about Xander! and Am praying for him too!! God bless you for doing this for this little boy.
    Kim´s last blog post ..Peppermint Lollipops

  37. 138

    I posted on FB. Great way to raise money. You’ve made me want to do more.

  38. 139
  39. 140

    I shared on Facebook…and going to donate to this great cause too. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to give.

  40. 141

    I have the button on my blog. and I donated. I have a special spot in my heart for these special children. I’d love to adopt one myself.
    melissa´s last blog post ..christmas recap.

  41. 142

    I tweeted. @jonahbonah
    melissa´s last blog post ..christmas recap.

  42. 143

    I tweeted
    Heather H´s last blog post ..Of Feet and Failures

  43. 144

    I’m hosting your button on my blog: http://repeatbyheart.blogspot.com/

  44. 145

    I shared the fundraiser on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chaotic.eloquence/posts/330095590349108
    Kristi Stevens´s last blog post ..Life Is Good

  45. 146

    Tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/perfect_enough/status/152810322061819904

    I’m so happy to see this fundraiser so successful!
    Kristi Stevens´s last blog post ..Life Is Good

  46. 147

    I tweeted about it!!

  47. 148

    I shared the fundraiser on facebook.

  48. 149

    Shared on FB about fundraiser:)
    Vicki´s last blog post ..Lemon-White Chocolate Party Mix


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