Spread the Word {giveaway #1} GIVEAWAY CLOSED

{To enter to win a Canon T3 DSLR or a Kindle, go HERE.}

One of the things that I learned during Cliff’s fundraiser last year  was that people want to do good.

They want to make a difference.

They want to rock social media for God’s glory.

Libby and her family had a heart for helping the sweet babes at Reece’s Rainbow too.

So we joined forces and came up with some fun ways to take what the world intends for shameless self promotion and turn it on it’s head.

Twitter doesn’t have to just exist so that we know what shoes Kim Kardashian is wearing today (although they are always fabulous).

Facebook doesn’t have to be only about tagging ourselves in the local grocery store and proclamations that we just bought strawberry yogurt.

This is where WE are gonna say “Look at the world.  See it.”

The more eyes that read about Xander, the more opportunities for that reader to turn into a donor.

But I can’t do it on my own.

I need YOUR help.

Are you in?

Besides, I’ll be randomly selecting TWO winners to win one of these two prizes.

Now…you might notice that the person who wins this giveaway can do so without donating one cent to the fundraiser.

I know.

The deal is that even though you see it all over the place, it’s technically not kosher to tie donations to entries.  I’d prefer to play it safe…as much as I’m tempted to do the whole “give $1, get 1 entry” thing.


Please know that while no donation is necessary to win…and donating to Xander’s adoption fund will not increase your chances…it’s the whole point of all of this.  (Here are the official rules.)

I would urge you to please consider giving if you choose to enter the giveaway.  Even $1.  I promise that your $1 will add up with someone else’s dollar and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  I promise.  Promise. Promise.

Again, I don’t want to confuse the issue: there is no donation necessary to win.  I just think it’d be nice.  :)

Without further ado:

One randomly selected winner will win….

A 5 qt. KitchenAid stand mixer in the color of your choice!!!!!

After being forced to use a hand mixer over Thanksgiving at Grandma’s, my resolve to marry my stand mixer is even stronger.

(Color selection as available through Amazon.com and valued at up to $299.99).

A second randomly selected winner will win…

A Bosch 18-v Lithium Drill Driver!!!

This would be an awesome gift for your husband, or heck, if you’re a DIYer, maybe you’d love it!

(value up to $190)

How do ya win?

You have three ways to enter:

1.  Host the “Make Christmas Count” button on your blog.  (It’s in my sidebar…and yes, I will be checking.)

2.  Facebook about the Fundraiser.  NOT about this giveaway, but about the FUNDRAISER.  (To make it easy, there’s even a little button at the bottom of the original post you can click and it’ll automatically post to your wall.)

3.  Tweet about the Fundraiser.  Here, I’ve even made it easy for you:

My Christmas is going to COUNT this year! Come meet Xander and enter to win a KA Stand Mixer or Bosch Drill! @jeannettg http://bit.ly/uALDyq

Leave me a separate comment in THIS POST for each of the things you do above.  (That’s up to three separate comments.)

If you are haven’t yet, please consider learning more about Xander and possibly make a small donation.  ANY amount is appreciated.

We have a $1,000 matching grant to use up!!!

(Winners will be selected on December 31, 2011.)


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    I put the button on my blog! And praying for Xander!

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    I put the button on my blog. Thanks for doing this!

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    I also shared on facebook.

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    I put the button in my sidebar & so happy to do so!

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    what a wonderful giveaway – something that really matters. Donated ;D (I am onceuponahanger)

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    I’m hosting the button! Love your passion for orphans!

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    I put the button on my blog!


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    I shared this on facebook!

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    I tweeted! And will continue to tweet all month! :)

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    Hosted on Journey of a Thousand Miles blog!

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    Jill Lombardo says:

    1. Added your button to my blog

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    Jill Lombardo says:
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    Shared the link on Facebook. I just love that you are taking this opportunity to bring hope to a boy who needs a home…and to a family who needs this boy.

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    Jill Lombardo says:
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    Added the button to my sidebar. Hope tons of people click over! Can’t wait to hear about the miracles done here. :-)

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    Jessica W. says:

    I tweeted :) @jlwils86

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    I tweeted the giveaway and made a donation. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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    I put the button on my blog!

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    I shared on my facebook page!

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    I tweeted. tweet tweet.

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    I put the button on my blog.

    http://matroyer.blogspot.com/ – (dang, forgot to put my links on my other comments!!!!)

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    I Facebooked about this sweet little guys fundraiser!

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    I tweeted the fundraiser.

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    I added the sidebar button to my blog!

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    I tweeted it! (wizzer132)

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    fb’ed it!
    you rock, girl.

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    added your adorbs button to my bloggy blog.

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    I shared on Facebook!

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    I tweeted and if I can figure out how to put the button on my blog (new to blogging) then I will do that as well.

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    Make Christmas Count button is on my blog!

    Thank you for a chance to win.

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    I put the button on my blog. You are so right when you say that all it takes is $1 from each person who reads this. So glad Meg send me your way ;)

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    I tweeted about Xander.

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    I facebooked about Xander on my two shop pages. “Babes and Sages” and “1499 Vintage”

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    shared on fb (This may be a repeat comment. I don’t see my first one, so I’m assuming I messed up. Sorry if I posted it twice.)

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    I put the button for Make Christmas Count on my blog. This is a great idea, and a wonderful gift!!

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    I put it on my FB :o)

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    I just tweeted about it.

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    Here’s the link to my fb post (just figured out how to do this!):


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    I LOVE that you do this! I tweeted :)

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    I tweeted about sweet, little Xander!!