The Happy Day Project {Day 1: Treats to a Neighbor}

Our first task of The Happy Day Project is to take a treat to a neighbor.


Because wouldn’t you love to get a random package of goodness on your doorstep out of the blue?


I decided to make some banana nut bread since I had a bunch of bananas that had seen better days, but you can decide to take whatever you like.  In fact, it doesn’t have to be homemade…store bought cupcakes, a package of oreos or even a tube of Pringles works too!  This isn’t an exercise in showing off…just a simple gesture to brighten someone’s day.

I baked my bread in one of those disposable loaf pans…and of course, I managed to make what may qualify as the ugliest loaf of banana bread in the history of banana bread.  It spilled over onto its sides and was this lumpy bumpy beast of a thing.

I was tempted to keep the hideous loaf for us and make something new…but I had to remind myself of the reason behind Happy Day.  Trying to play Martha Stewart wasn’t it.

So I wrapped my ugly little loaf in wax paper, tied it with twine, and attached the ridiculously cute printable that Mique of 30 Handmade Days made special for our week of sunshine.  (P.S. if you pop over to her blog today, she has a second free printable!)


My bread is all happy and pretty now!

A quick note scrawled on the back so that my neighbors had some idea of what it was, and where on earth it came from.

I enlisted the help of a sleepy delivery boy.

Who deposited it giddily on the neighbor’s doorstep and walked away smiling.

“That was really nice Mom.  They’re gonna love it.”

*You can read Julie’s Day 1 post too.  It’s the same task, but it might be fun to see different takes on the same instructions.*

{The cuteness that is today’s printable can be downloaded HERE.}

Online Way to Play:  Live out in the country and don’t have any neighbors within earshot?  Have a crazy busy day and you know that you just won’t be able to pull this task off today?  Took a yummy to your neighbor but want to do more? Never fear!

Another way you can brighten someone’s day today is to visit Shop for Sharlie.  Sharlie is a mama with cystic fibrosis and in need of a heart AND double lung transplant.  As you can imagine, costs for this type of procedure are insane…but her sweet friends Jess of Allora Handmade and Mique of Thirty Handmade Days (yes, the same Mique who made today’s printable) rallied their crafty friends for a fun twist on a fundraiser.

At Shop for Sharlie you can buy printables or tutorials for $5…all proceeds go directly to the Sharlie’s Angels fund.  And hey, maybe some of those tutorials would make great, inexpensive Christmas gifts?!

Take a peek around and see if there is anything you can gift, use or otherwise enjoy and help offset some of Sharlie’s medical expenses.  $5 may not seem like much, but the Shop has raised over $5,000!!!  Don’t underestimate the power of lots of little bits all added up!

**Don’t forget to take some pics of your day!  We’d love to see summary posts at the end of the week!**

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  1. 1

    Lovey love love you. Someday I want to be Minus a few pepperoni jokes. ;)
    Thanks for including me. Can’t wait to drop off some treats for our neighbors today. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. 2

    I can’t wait to get started but wish I remembered to get ink for my printer :/

  3. 3

    Love this! I’m joining in with some Mocha Mix for my neighbor – perfect for this dreary, rainy day!

  4. 4

    Doing the online version of this one!

    I’d love to be your neighbor today, hah.

  5. 5

    I just delivered mine- that was so much fun! I noticed the chocolate icing on the cupcakes got a little melty in the 20 minutes I was gone, though…I hope my neighbors still enjoy them!

  6. 6

    I made dinner for my amazing neighbour who just went back to school.

  7. 7

    hooray for banana nut bread!
    we delivered our treat just a bit ago!
    this is AWESOME!! love you. xo

  8. 8

    Made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for my neighbors and just enjoyed one myself with a nice afternoon coffee. It was fun to do and I hope it makes them smile inside and out!

  9. 9

    How could I not participate when Mique’s printables are so super cute! Mmmm banana bread…I would love to be your neighbor!

  10. 10

    I know Jessica of Allora Handmade, and so I had heard about Sharlie before I shopped for her today. Thanks for the push! I’m ready for Day 2! I hope I find a stronger tie-in to my blog, but I enjoy the accountability and the sharing.

  11. 11

    Off to a great start….cocoa to our favorite neighbors to play with in the snow, as snow is in the weekend forecast!

  12. 12
    Stephanie says:

    Delivered a warm dish of chili to my neighbor tonight. The smile on his face said it all! Thank you for reminding us how little deeds like this can make someone elses day (who knows possibly even week or month). Also bought a great printible from Shop for Sharlie. Can’t wait to get it printed and hung. Looking forward to tomorrow, thank you!!!

  13. 13

    I made pumpkin bread for my neighbor. Since my recipe makes two loaves, I am shipping some to my grandma too. I didn’t get to use the printable thanks to an unreliable printer but I left them both a little note. Thanks for being such an inspiration and for the reminder to think of others.

  14. 14

    I took pumpkin chocolate chunk muffins to my neighbor…she’s pregnant, so I hope both she and the baby enjoyed them!

  15. 15

    Delivered and posted! Working on Day 2!


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