InstaFriday – Take 3

InstaFriday is a post where I blog a few of my favorite camera phone pics from the week.

I just recently got an iPhone, and am now no longer Amish, but I realize that many of you don’t have an iPhone…instead you may have a Droid, or Blackberry, or a regular cell phone.

(apparently Instagram is an iPhone only app.  boo!)

And that’s okay!  I think you can totally link up too!

Just pull images that you took with your cell phone camera!

It’s really fun to look back and see the story that was your week in low res photos.

You don’t need to have Instagram to link up…but I’m keeping the name because I think InstaFriday sounds clever.

And I’m super clever, right?

So, take a look at the picture folder on your phone RIGHT NOW and pull some images and blog them!  (even if they’re older than a week…I’ll give you a pass this time…)

And then start snapping a little more often next week so you can be ready for InstaFriday Take 4!

Sunday after my nursery adventures, I happened upon a quirky little consignment/antique/vintage shop.  It was mostly filled with gaudy atrocities, but nestled among the wares was this fun red gumball machine.

It’s not really vintage, just a reproduction, but because I’m not a collector, and my kids’ sticky fingers are going to be all over it, I’m fine with it.

It’s been a huge hit and besides, it looks really cute in my kitchen!

Oh asparagus!  How I love you!

Drowning in butter and oil and garlic of course.

A sneak peek of a tiny project I’m in the middle of.

Loving those little sample sizes from Home Depot!

Hurry now ladies.  There’s only ONE available!  And I just might…

Pshaw.  Who am I kidding?!  You think I have a million dollars?!  Or that if I DID I’d spend it on a diamond?

And it got me thinking…you suppose the type of people who shop for million dollar diamonds do it at Costco?

I mean, I love Costco as much as the next girl, and Costco’s got some great deals, but I think that the type of folk who are concerned with million dollar diamonds are also likely concerned with the place from which they came.

You think Kim Kardashian’s gonna be rocking a huge ring and be all “Yeah, my fiance got it at Costco!”

Can you see the headlines in People magazine?

I thought million dollar diamonds were from Tiffany’s, Neil Lane, or if you’re a baller, from Jacob.

My girls, despite being twins, are rarely seen playing or interacting with one another.  Lucy and Henry are the BFF’s.

So when I realized that the girls were sitting quietly together, I was really really really excited.  (I feel bad for Jill being left out all the time…except that I think she kinda prefers it that way to tell you the truth.)

And I came back a few minutes later to find them happy and quiet…making a complete DISASTER with cheerios.

Of course they would band together with their forces of good and evil to make more work for Mom.  Duh.

Ah, Connect Four.

My husband, the perpetual 15 year old lurking underneath, couldn’t resist but to register for this in our wedding registry.

And a friend, also the perpetual 15 year old, couldn’t resist but to buy us Connect Four as a wedding gift.

Girls would never do that to each other.

Boys on the other hand, not only will, but will grin and say “Sweet!”.  Weirdos.

And this amazing gift for one of the biggest events sealing our covenant to eachother and to God, has sat up in a cupboard collecting dust for the last 8 years.

Until Henry found it yesterday and spent the ENTIRE day filling it up, dumping it out, filling it up, dumping it out….

We are a Rainbow Sandals family.

Love these things.

Love.  Most comfortable flip flops EVER.

Not the cutest flip flops ever, but it really doesn’t matter.

We wear these about 350 days of the year.  The other 15 days I’ll give to tennis shoes and maybe a ballet flat.  For me, not Andy.

They aren’t cheap.  BUT, they do have a lifetime warranty.  Which I recently decided to take them up on.

And I mailed them off, upon which Andy had a mild panic attack that we were without our precious Rainbows.

And he asked every day, “Do you know when we get our sandals back?”

Apparently it’s his crack.

I thought for sure they were just going to fix them and return them…instead we both got brand new pairs!

So, if you have Rainbows, check out their warranty guidelines and send ’em in if you can!

(Except then you have to re-break them in which is kinda cruddy.)

Okay, you’re turn!  Link up!  I wanna see all those junky camera phone pics!  Go!


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  1. 1

    Yaay! Glad you added those still in the Amish stage without a smart phone. Love this idea…will link up next week. Not sure I can make a sensible post right now with the pictures on my phone. :-)

  2. 2

    love the gumball machine; i have one just like it! couldn’t resist! and that asparagus is makin’ me hungry…also can’t wait to see what other project you are working on!

  3. 3

    Don’t have an IPhone, but linked up with you anyway. Fun, Jeannett. Flip-flops are the best. I actually have Pacific Reef, but those Rainbow Sandals make me want a pair since I love rainbows. :) hugs to your fam
    Robbin´s last blog post ..Treasured Tokens Thursday

  4. 4

    I saw the Costco diamond ad when I was in the store on Thursday and literally laughed out loud. When my hubby gets me my 6.77 ct diamond solitaire it will surely be from Tiffany’s. Seriously!


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