Pink and Gold Baby Shower


My sister Diana is having her second baby, another girl.  (In fact, she’s scheduled to have her little girl this Thursday!  EEK!!!!)

When she asked me to throw her shower, I knew JUST what I wanted to do.

Nothing says sweet, feminine, girly like pink and gold.

Plus, gold is super on trend right now and we all know how on trend I am in life.  (sarcasm intended)

I know I’m not a party or crafty DIY blog, but I thought I’d share anyway.

Because Glitter.

(And because it will save me a few emails, I’ll tell you where I got everything.)


Normally, I prefer to use real plates and silverware, but in this case, I was hauling ALL of my stuff (really all: every mason jar, vase, container, ALL THE THINGS) 200 miles with me.  At some point, I realized that not only did I not have quite enough real place settings to accommodate her guest list, but I was also going to run out of room in the back of my car.

A Yukon XL.  The biggest SUV they make.  Yeah.  Full.  To the gills.

So I made the best of it, and used pink plates as make shift chargers and found these gold plastic bowls at Party City.

And because I really dislike plastic tableware, I also painted the handles on the spoons.  Half of them were pink, the other half gold.  See?  Now they aren’t so awful and it took five minutes one night to paint them.




Mason jars with bakers twine.  Because there is really no other option.

And pink and white paper straws (I found a big pack at Michael’s) and added gold glitter tape to make little flags.

Those gold “vases”?  Pickle jars I’ve saved over the years and spray painted them gold.

And of course fresh roses from Costco.  I’m pretty sure every party I’ve thrown has Costco flowers.  It’s hard to beat their prices and quality.


A fun trick I learned from my friend Lindsey, is to use wrapping paper as table runners.

Using wrapping paper is my new favorite because you can really get creative and specific to your theme, it’s inexpensive, and when you’re done?  IN THE TRASH.



I found this perfect pink and gold striped roll at Target, and cut it in half lengthwise.  Since my edge was catywompus, I folded the edges under a little to make it look cleaner.  And then I sprinkled some fun super chunky gold glitter I found (at Walmart of all places) on the runners just because it’s fun and adds a little dimension.

Also glitter.

Easy peasy.


I found THE BEST glittered tape at Walmart, and added pink and gold glitter tape to pretty much everything I could think of.  (They had tons of colors.  I may need more rolls.  Actually, I do.  ROYGBIV for life.)

Here, I added a band of glitter tape to plain white tags and just hand wrote the lettering.

I had Henry stamp simple white napkins.  So easy a 7 year old can do it.  There ya go.


I knew that the crowd that was invited was used to the more traditional idea of baby showers which include favors and games/prizes (I cannot remember the last time I did a party favor, and I flat out refuse to do games.  The worst.), I cleaned my local Walmart out of every shade of pink Wet n Wild nail polish.

Guests seemed to get a real kick out of this, and it might become my new go to for parties.  You could do blues for boy showers, and whatever other color combo you can think of!  And at a buck a piece, it was about as inexpensive as you can get for party favors.

My friends and I tend to skip party games and instead ask one of the guests (in advance) to do a short devotional and then we go around the room and pray for the new baby, mama, family.  But since I wasn’t super familiar with the guest list, I opted for some time to go around the room and offer the mama advice or words of wisdom.  It was a really sweet time and while I was nervous about how this would go over, it was good.  Awkward crisis averted.


I knew that the number of “formal” table settings I could set up in my grandma’s back room wouldn’t actually be enough for every person to sit, but I felt like it set the tone for the party even if some people were going to have to sit on couches and other chairs strewn throughout the room.


I set up a small table off to the side with extra mason jars, bowls, plates, and nail polish favors for the people who didn’t have an actual table seat.


This table set up was way cuter than the pictures do it justice.  I just couldn’t get the right angle annnnnd it didn’t help that I hauled my big camera down, and was even forward thinking enough to remember to empty my media card…

…only to find that my media card was still in my computer 200 miles away.

iPhone it is.  Womp womp.


There.  That’s a little better.

Baby’s name is going to be Sadie, so a simple bunting and fun paper decor (from Party City) were the backdrop for the main food table.

(My sister took home the banner and the S for baby’s room.  See that?  Dual use.  It’s practically environmentally friendly.)


Since I was going with a super feminine theme, I stayed away from sodas and instead offered fruit flavored waters and pink lemonade in pretty bottles from Trader Joes.

That fabulous gold runner is also wrapping paper (from Michaels).  It’s awesome and doesn’t even shed glitter.  They have all different colors.  You’re welcome.


I glittered a wooden S.

Because you can never go wrong with golden letters in your life.


I had long before decided on a Make Your Own Sundae Bar mostly because it’s easy and requires no cooking and very little prepping beyond opening packaging and chopping up a few candy bars.

Lucky for all of us, it was 100 degrees that day so it worked out perfectly.


We need to talk about tissue paper tassles.

Darling.  Add so much fun color and depth.

Easy to make.


It doesn’t help when a certain Porkchop of a naughty persuasion finds the first ten you painstakingly made and thinks they make great throwing things and Jilly apparently believes them to be pom poms.  So you have to toss them all out because they are a crinkled mess.  With tears in your eyes because they take forever to make.  And then start over.


Because hot fudge candy laden sundaes weren’t enough sugar, I also brought with me cupcakes from a great local bakery.

200 miles north from where I was hosting.

Thank you Inventor of Ice Chests.


The bakery bakes in plain white cupcake liners, and since I’m picky about details, Lucy slipped them into pink liners I brought with me and then tucked in little gold glittered heart toothpick dealies I made on my Cricut.

It took less than 5 minutes to do, was easy enough to for a five year old, and made a huge difference than if I had just set them out as is.

Details are my favorite and Lucy felt really grown up helping set up.



I shopped my house for anything I could find that was gold (like that basket I use at Christmas and those glittered bottles from another shower) to use as props.

And the invitation set out.  You know, in case people forgot why they were there.


So there ya have it.

Pink. Gold. Glitter.

Now for Sadie to make her debut!









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  1. 1

    So simple, yet so beautiful! Love all your ideas.

  2. 2

    Looks great and reproduce-able for multiple venues!

  3. 3
    Shannon S. says:

    Completely adorable! I love how you re-used previous on hand items and made this super affordable and do able!

  4. 4

    Love your pink and gold theme and the nail polish touch. It all looks so festive and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5
    Jenny from Mommin' It Up says:

    I love it! You are so talented!