Fire safety, a quiz, and a challenge

Did you know that June is Home Safety Month?

I know it doesn’t sound as sexy or fun or Pinterest worthy as say, National Donut Day, but I promise you it is way more important.  No matter how many rainbow sprinkles that donut has.

Home Safety has become a bit of a passion of mine.  I talk about it all the time with people.  I check our supplies regularly.  In fact, I pretty much want to buy carbon monoxide detectors for people as birthday gifts.  Zero percent kidding.

Last year, I wrote an entire series on Home Safety:

I know we can’t protect our families from everything in life.  I know we can’t wrap them in bubbles and keep them from ALL THE THINGS.  I know that.  I work under no illusions.

But friends, when I realize that there is a home fire in America EVERY THREE MINUTES…

and when I now know that there were smoke detectors in the homes of TWO OUT OF EVERY THREE FATAL FIRES…but they had dead or missing batteries…

I cannot let that slide.  I cannot remain silent on the issue.  Even if it isn’t fun or quirky or happy.

Five minutes.  Every six months.  To check some batteries.

Instead, people die.  Families grieve.  Mamas ache.

It’s just unfathomable.


So let’s just start with me being bossy: Go check your smoke alarms.  Now.  Yes.  Now.  If you don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm, order one right now.  Look, here’s the link.  And if your smoke alarm is old and dead, get some of those too.  Don’t tell me you’ll do it later.  Because you’ll forget.  I know.  We mamas have mashed potatoes for brains sometimes.  Most times.

Seriously you guys.  This is real life.

I refuse to get an email from one of you someday that tells me how you forgot to do it, and then…I can’t even type the words.

I refuse to let any of us relive Cheryl Burt’s horror.  I refuse that.

Kidde Safety has come up with a fun challenge to help spread the word, remind you how important this is, and give back to communities, and I get to help.

fire safe

Between today and June 30, I ask each of you to please take this simple Fire Safety Quiz.

It’s just 10 questions, and only takes about a minute.  They don’t even ask you for your email address or anything.  (I just did it myself to see.)

The very last question asks you to select the blogger who sent you, so in this case, you would select Life Rearranged.  (I hope.  Pleaseandthankyou.)

Then, the blogger with the most people to take the quiz on their behalf will win a donation of 150 Worry Free smoke alarms to their local fire department!    (Second place blogger gets 100 smoke alarms, and third gets 50.)

Is it weird that I really want to win this challenge because I figure that the Fire Department in our new town will get to know us anyway, so this would be a great introduction?

So today, I ask two favors of you.  Truly.

1) Check those batteries.

2) Take the quiz.

Because seriously, you’ll check Facebook today.  And you’ll probs take a “Which 1980’s movie character are you?” quiz.

Do this first.  And then let me know which Frozen character you are.

Thanks.  Love you.  For reals.  No sad fire emails.  I won’t let you.


For more information and tips, you can go here.


Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Kidde and I am a participating blogger in the smoke alarm challenge.


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  1. 1

    Took the quiz, will check our Carbon monoxide detector (which I think is provided by landlords – at least ours did) and I’m Olaf. This is great, Jeannett! I just saw a list I saved re putting together emergency kits, too. And I even have a special emergency kit for diabetics. Thanks for your concern for your readers.

  2. 2

    Took the quiz. About 3 years ago our Carbon Monoxide detector saved us. I got home from work and it was going off. My husband said it had just started. We left the house and PG&E came right out- our wall heater was leaking dangerous levels. I now tell everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector.

  3. 3

    I just bought a replacement for a broken CO detector in our home. So glad for this post as it reminded me to do this – I have a 13 month old son at home and it’s worth whatever it costs to prevent anything from happening to him. Thank you!

  4. 4

    What a great reminder. I know Cheryl Burt (we work for the same employer) and I can’t even begin to imagine how painful this was/is for her. She’s a fighter and I love that she’s helping to educate others.

  5. 5

    I did it. And I need to create a plan! My cousin lost his house last month. Burned to the ground. They lost their dog. My cousin had to jump out the 2nd story window, his wife had to toss their 9 month old son out to him (which he caught safely!) and then she jumped. The 3 were unhurt. Their home is gone. So scary!

  6. 6

    Took the quiz..proud to say I didn’t miss a question!! (being under foster care regulation for a while might have given me the upper hand) Always a good reminder! Thanks