On My Nightstand

It’s no secret I’m really an 87 year old trapped in a 32 year old body.

I love getting into bed early…and I love reading if even for a few minutes before I roll over and doze off.  

So what if I doze off by 9:00????

I tend to have a stack of books on my nightstand to choose from, depending on my mood.  The day’s activities and my feelings in that moment dictate which book I’ll actually pick up.  I used to be a stickler for not wanting to start a new book until I was done with another ..but as I get older, and my days are more out of my control, I found myself changing that habit.  Maybe my day was too hectic for heavy reading that night…I just want something light and easy.  Or maybe I had a fun day and I can handle something challenging.  Maybe I want a story…or maybe a little self-help?  So I skip around from one to the other…which makes the stack on my bedside kinda big some days.  And let’s not even get started on the list on my Kindle!

I always love to see what other people are reading, so I thought I’d give you a peek at my stack:


Loving the Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches.  My friend Joy gifted me this book.  It’s a short, simple read.  I approach it almost as a devotional.  One bitty chapter at a time.  While I often wish the author dug deeper, it’s an encouraging read and filled with good reminders.

The Book Thief.  This novel is so good.  But I’m a weirdo and I’m all sensitive to whatever I last popped into my brain…and this book is set in Nazi Germany.  So far, it’s not real graphic in terms of the Holocaust and such, but still…I always end up having crazy/bad dreams about it the nights I read…so I’m going really slow.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe .  (Am I the only one annoyed when book covers use the movie graphics? Took me forever to find a regular cover page!!!) The latest chapter book I’m reading aloud to Henry.  We try to get a chapter a night in, but it doesn’t always work out.  Either way, this is probably my 7th time through…and I love it more each time.  I hope my boy can say the same as he gets older.  That Lewis guy…he knew how to write.

The Jesus Storybook Bible.  This is always out for quick access.  Love, love, love, LOVE this children’s bible.  Gorgeous illustrations, great text.  We don’t always read in order…skipping around to some of the kids’ favorites…but we’ve probably read through this at least three times.  Highly recommended.  Highly.

Heaven. This has been on my nightstand forever.  It’s good, but heavy reading.  Often too heavy for end of day…but I really need to read more.  Henry’s been asking some TOUGH questions about Heaven, bodies, souls, and such.  I want to give him biblically appropriate answers.  Not just harps and wings kinda things.


There are a lot of books on my Kindle (which I’m still loving), but these are the two that I’m most recently accessing:

The Kitchen House: A Novel.  A great novel set in the time of slavery in America.  Very well written.

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe.  Ohmyword you guys.  So basically, I pooh poohed this book.  I mean, the title was kinda cheesy.  And I don’t really like to think of myself as desperate.  I mean, sure, some days…but overall, that’s not really how I feel.  Moments?  No doubt.  But I don’t know…it just seemed too much.  I really hate to define or describe my motherhood as desperate. But when my friend Becky, who I totally respect and love recommended it, I thought I’d give it a try.  The book is really good.  And practical.  And I like it a lot.  A lot. Moms of littles…you should totally read this.

Oh, and a journal.  In case I feel the need to write something profound.  Or dr

aw a stick figure.

So there you have it.  What I’m in some phase of reading.  What are you into right now?  I need to update my stack soon!


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  1. 1

    I love seeing what other are reading. I just finished Discovery of Witches. On my nightstand right now is The Reliable Wife, The Ragamuffin Gospel, and Shadow of Night. I also have a few magazines when reading just seems like to much for the evening.
    seriously sassy mama´s last blog post ..Before And After… The Tale Of An Armoire.

  2. 3

    I am currently reading an old Nicholas Sparks book. It pains me to admit that but my brain needed a break. I’m a fast reader so I’ll be able to move on to something more substantial soon. :) Due to a hearty recommendation from a mutual friend of ours, I have The Kitchen House on hold at our library. There are 10 holds ahead of me though so it’ll be awhile before I actually get to read it! Whenever anyone asks for book recommendations I always recommend The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society. Such a uniquely written book about a time in history I really knew nothing about.

  3. 4
    Kathleen says:

    I find that when I need a little “vacation” from the chaos I turn to these favorite authors…. Rosamunde Pilcher, Robin Pilcher, Maeve Binchy, Mary Kay Andrews, Philip Gulley, Katie Fforde, and Jan Karon. I have read all of these authors many,many times…. Happy reading !

  4. 5
    Carrie R. says:

    I too tend to have a stack of books on my nightstand. I love to read, but I’m finding it hard to squeeze in the time anymore. Right now I have Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, The Princess by Lori Wick, Room by Emma Donoghue, and my Bible, all sitting on my night stand. I love Nicholas Sparks, but I’m having a hard time getting into Safe Haven. The Princess is actually one of my favorite books (it’s a romantic Christian novel). It a really easy read that I pull out every once in awhile, just to have a good read. Room is a book that I’ve been wanting to read for awhile. I started it, but it seems like it’s going to be a heavy read. I need to dedicate some time to that one.

  5. 6

    Jeannett~ <3 your book stash! I just blogged about reading the Jesus Storybook Bible too. I'm positive that every person {bigs and littles} should own it. It does my heart happy!
    Kirsten @ LovespunStudio´s last blog post ..What I Wore Wednesday to END IT #enditmovement

  6. 7

    I thought I was the only one with that movie-poster-as-book-cover pet peeve! I can’t bring myself to buy books that have done that. :)

    I just finished The Book Thief, too. I decided to make a goal this year to read more fiction. I absolutely love good storytelling, but realized I hardly make time for it anymore, sadly, because I’m a teacher! I read ALL the time, but just student work and books to prepare for classes. Trying to remember to vary the night shelf reading!
    Christa´s last blog post ..96: Game Time!

  7. 8

    And this is yet another reason we were destined to be friends … me with my Fiber One every morning and you with a 9:00 bedtime … Oh and I recommended The Kitchen House to you on Facebook before I even read this … see? Great minds ;-).