Family Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Halloween.  It’s kinda that perfect mix of creative challenge and just enough DIY to make me dig it.

For now, I’m taking full advantage of geeking out my family and sticking with a theme.  I figure that I only have a few more years before the kids have specific requests for costumes, so I’ll make them what I want to make them while I can.

As I brainstormed different themes with enough characters for the six of us, Star Wars came to mind.

And I totally wished we  had at least two more kids.

Because we really needed an ewok and a Princess Leia.

And a Chewbacca.

A baby Jabba?  Hysterical.

But I digress.

Now, I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen the movies.

I know, I know.  You’re all aghast.  Simmer down.

It’s just not my thing.  Classic or not.

But my kids like it.  And the husband likes it.  I’m the lone Star Wars poseur of the group.

Case in point: I thought it was all cute and dorky-romantic that I was Padme.

My understanding was that she was Darth Vadar’s wife.  I mean, that’s cute in dorky-we-go-to-comic-book-conventions-way, right?

Except that I’m apparently committing some kind of Star Wars blasphemy by “crossing generations” or some such ridiculousness.

Also, it turns out that by the time the dude turns into Darth Vadar she’s dead.


I tried.

I knew nothing of (FAKE) rules and (MADE UP) storylines.

Besides, I kinda missed the mark anyway…Padme is pregnant in this outfit, and being that I was, actually, in real life pregnant just a few months ago, I couldn’t bring myself to even PRETEND I was pregnant again.

Not to mention that Natalie Portman should win an award for the Best Eyebrows in the History of Eyebrows…and mine are straight OUT OF CONTROL right now, so basically I’m totally out of character.

We met up with our friends the Reguscis and the Fosters for some trick or treating in a local downtown area.

It’s in the afternoon and keeps things non-scary for the littles.

All three families have twins.

Gluttony for punishment is the thread that keeps us all friends.

Inspired by this, my mother in law made the girls their dresses.

I die.

C3PO and R2D2?

I’m not sure it gets much better.

Oh wait.

Fat Baby Yoda.

It does get better.

It has a karate jacket.

And a belt.

And TWO light sabers.

Boy. Heaven.

But the pictures that had me bawling?


Just you LOOK AT HER.

Running.  Playing.  Laughing.


Sister helping?

In matching metallic boots.

I just can’t take it.

Darth has a soft side.

You saw it here first.

Lucy + light saber = DANGER.

He’s so hot.

Back off ladies.

(This picture totally looks like one of those paparazzi pictures you see in tabloids…”Stars are just like us!  They even push strollers!!!”)

Tracy’s 6 kids (yes, 6) were all animals…and she made shirts for her and her husband that said “Animal Control”.


Yoda Owen hates his car seat.

Thus requiring held all afternoon.

I’m pretty much buff now.

Every piece of candy was analyzed.

This girl couldn’t understand why she couldn’t all of the candy NOW.

It was exhausting.

But it was good exhausting.

  starwars halloween family

We finished off the night with pizza and a quick jaunt of trick or treating in the neighborhood.

And then crashing.  Hard.

The kids were tired too.

Did you theme it up this year?

(Special thanks to Jamie who took just about every one of these pictures.   I jacked them all from his site.  With permission of course.)


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  1. 1

    We do themes every year. I love it! We did Star Wars – including a baby Yoda :) – a few years ago. This year was Alice in Wonderland. May be my favorite so far!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Alice In Wonderland

  2. 2

    This is erupt sly hilarious and awesome! I have just discovered that I am far more dork than I, or my husband, ever realized. Believe it or not, I may slip even further still down the rabbit hole of geekdom. I love it Jeanette! Your family is rad! If only I can sway my husband in a Han Solo outfit. But I am sure I am going to have to wear a Laker cheerleader outfit. Sheesh

  3. 3

    This is crazy but we did Star Wars too – baby yoda and all.

  4. 4

    Dear Janette, I love you. I too have never seen them! We must remain true to the Force! Oh wait, I saw episode one in the theater earlier this year when they brought it back for 3-d. I am trying to erase that memory. But the hubby says that ep. 1 is like really 4 and its the lamest one of them all so I have to hold on. Unless seeing random clips of the same thing over and over count…. Spike TV plays them all. the. time. uggg. PS YOU Guys were TOTALLY cute!

  5. 5

    How cute are y’all? Seriously love the costumes. And the look on Jill’s face???? Oh my totally melts my heart. Thankful you guys had a great time!

  6. 6

    LOVE. IT.

  7. 7
    Carrie R. says:

    Love your costumes. Too stinking cute. And I love that picture of Lucy holding the light saber. Too funny.

    My boys do some what of a theme. Two years ago they were Buzz Lightyear and Woody. This year they were superheroes, though from different comics. One was Iron Man and the other was Batman. I haven’t dressed up since I was a teenager. Not sure if I ever will.

  8. 8

    i am a big fan of this.
    best theme.
    cutest family!
    and the metallic boots are my fave. and darth’s soft side. i totally knew he had one.

    happy weekend! xo
    hannah singer´s last blog post ..happy friday to you {to the tune of the birthday song}

  9. 9

    This is fantastic! You all look so great and so happy…I melt! What a great way to end off a very stressful hospital stay! Love it!
    Jo-Anna´s last blog post ..Virtual Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner

  10. 10

    My theme was: What Is In Your Closet? Worked out ok LOL

    I had a vision of Jill jacking candy bags when she gets older. Probably just my own PTSD flashback…


  11. 11

    Oh hilariously adorable! Especially loving animal control family!! (that’s what we need)
    Kerry @ Made For Real´s last blog post ..Game Giveaway!!

  12. 12

    I’m inspired. Family costume for 2013 here we come. I need to got possibilities that are running through my head right now so i don’t forget. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Susan @ Soddie’s Place´s last blog post ..Great Fall Dessert Recipe – Caramel White Chocolate Apple Bars

  13. 13

    Been looking for ideas. Already have Yoda for the toddler. This might work.

  14. 14

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