8 Days. Because I’m totally counting.

8 days.

Funny how in most of life, one would think “Only 8 days?!  That’s so soon!”

But when you are horrendously pregnant, with toes that resemble sausages, a lower back that is always on FIRE, and going to the bathroom every 14.2 seconds…the thought is “8 DAYS?!  STILL!?!  8 more rotations of the Earth?!  I’m going to DIE.

Not that I’m that dramatic about it.

Oh wait, I totally am.

The last couple of months of this pregnancy have been tough.  Nothing bad is happening so far.  Just that being ultra pregnant when you have 3 other littles…and one of whom can’t walk…in a two story house…after your poor uterus has carried twins recently and has nothing of the elasticity it once boasted…

Not to mention the fierce insomnia.  Because being achy on no sleep is rad.

Well, let’s just say I’m tired.  Worn out.  Achy.

While the girls’ pregnancy was much more difficult (hello twin pregnancy that went to 39 weeks…with babies weighing 6 lbs. 6 0z. and 6 lbs. 9 oz., not to mention the PUPPPS.  Oh the PUPPPS!!!)…and you realize I’m a paltry 5’2″?  Yeah.  Not a pleasant experience.

But even then, I only had Henry to care for…and even then, I worked the bulk of my pregnancy and when I did go on (what I thought would be) maternity leave, we had him go to daycare 3 days a week so I could take it easy and keep those babies baking as  long as possible.  (And bake they did!)

Maybe it’s because I’m 31 now and there’s some magical threshold of virility you pass over when you get into your 30’s.  Maybe I’m just a wuss now.  Maybe I’m still secretly terrified after having had back to back miscarriages just before this pregnancy.  That somehow something will go wrong at the 11th hour and I really just want him in my arms.

Or maybe I’m just irrationally impatient in my old age.

I keep having wishful thinking visions of my water breaking at all times of the day.  In church this week, I had the horrifying realization that if my water broke mid-service, it would run down the slightly sloped hardwood floor and sinceI was sitting in the very last row, every person the whole way down in front of me would have my amniotic fluid all over their feet and/or purses.  Because, you know, everyone wears sandals in California.  And yeah, I know it’s *just* amniotic fluid…but I think it gets a little weird when it’s some random person’s amniotic fluid.


But sadly, my water is firmly intact and while I’m well acquainted with Braxton Hicks contractions, not much else is happening.  No matter how many times I pray that I go into labor.

So I guess I’ll have to wait until my scheduled c-section date.  Wednesday, July 11th at 4:30 p.m.

What will you be doing?

I mean, that’s a crazy feeling.  The whole world will be going about their day like usual and I’m gonna be sliced open like a watermelon.  SUPER weird.

Whenever I see someone with a flat tire on the side of the road…or I hear ambulance sirens…or whatever…I often think to myself: man, someone’s day just got ROCKED.  Whatever they thought they were doing today…and maybe even longer than that…it’s been completely turned on its head.  And here I am, still just shoveling ice cream down my gullet with no change in my plans.

Isn’t that weird to think of?

So here’s what you should do.  Put it in your phones.  Yes, my c-section date and time.  Then, when your phone beeps at you, just take a look around at what you are doing.  And then think “Wow.  Jeannett’s strapped to a table about to have her baby cut out of her body at this very second.  Weird.”

When I went to my Toyota event, we were joking about this very thing and a couple of the girls actually pulled out their phones and put it in.  We all laughed and thought it was funny.

Because if you can’t laugh at the mom who had planned a water home birth with her firstborn…the one who had the birthing tub in her dining room all ready to go and a box of birthing supplies just waiting to be used…that has now gone the full gammut to a scheduled c-section…well, there isn’t much very funny in life.

If you’re really ambitious, snap an Instagram pic of what you are doing when your phone beeps at you on July 11 at 4:30.

Maybe you’re watching TV.  Or baking cupcakes.  Or surfing the net.  Or curing cancer.

Just snap a pic and tag it with #whilejgetscut

I’m really half kidding about the hashtag…but the more I think about it, it WOULD be kinda fun to go back and see what y’all were doing.

You know, while I’m giving birth to my fourth (yet to be named) baby.

Happy Day to you.  I’m off to pout that I’m still pregnant.  Because yes, I had visions that I would “ironically” go into labor halfway through writing this post.

No dice.





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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 1

    8 days sounds glorious to my 58 days! your description of being pregnant with your 4th while one can’t walk… totally can relate, only my non-walker is a mere 45 pounds and i feel like my cervix is about to burst! fun times… i might not be able to snap a pic because i might be napping?! :) and i have a tradition… i name my kids on their 3rd day of life… we like to keep people in suspense :)
    Trish´s last blog post ..it’s been awhile!

    • 2

      I know! I keep telling myelf that I’m lucky that Jill only weighs about 25 pounds! And the three day thing? My family would DIE. They already have serious stress over not knowing the name in advance of the birth!

  2. 3

    Oh Jeanett, you are a hoot and a half! From someone that has been there (not a scheduled c-section, but a scheduled inducement) that did everything from jumping jacks to sliding down the steps on her rear (neither worked, by the way), I wish you the very best! I will watch for hashtagged tweets too! Who knows, the fireworks tomorrow night might do it for you too! Fingers crossed!

  3. 4
    maddalena70 says:

    Oh Jeannette. . . You know what? I envy you. . . ok I remember pretty well how it was for me. . . just the last days. . . the last hours. . but at 42 I would like to havr another baby but understand that I am too old. . . and mentally tired with my two little ones. . . .
    I am writting from Italy so I will be already in bed during your c-section. . . but I will pray for you and little new little one. . .



  4. 5

    Oh, adorableness! I can’t get over the amniotic fluid in the church! Hahaha
    And I felt the same way about pregnancy after 30-way way harder! Hang in there, Jeannett!

  5. 6

    I remember thinking something just like this when i was 42 weeks… yes, 42 weeks… pregnant. How my due date came and went. How I watched that date on the calendar for months. Waiting. Anticipating. Hoping. Then for it to come and go so unceremoniously. Felt so wicked.

    I’m rooting for you. I will probably be eating dinner since it’s 6:30 central time. Keep us posted.

    darcy´s last blog post ..Oh, hello there.

  6. 7

    I’ll play along, totally! LOL! You completely crack me up with your posts. Don’t be too hasty, though, to wish these last few days away. These are the last days you have Walter to yourself, completely protected. He’ll be here soon enough, in all his wonderfulness! Cherish these last few days you have to be so close to him. I will keep you, Walter, and the rest of your crew in my prayers! Can’t wait to “meet” him!
    Katherine Ware´s last blog post ..Hello Monday!

  7. 8
    hopefulmother says:

    Sorry that we weren’t able to get you to go into labor at the park the other day! If that didn’t do it, I don’t know what would have. :-) Ah well, it’s too bad you can’t just sleep through the next few days and then it would be over.

    Will be thinking of you on the 11th – I don’t do twitter so there won’t be any hashtags here, and we are off the next day for vacation so I hope I will get to read your news!!

    p.s. can you please FB message me your cell number?

  8. 9

    Totally understand the anxiousness! I went into labor with my second about a week before my scheduled c-section (which was actually scheduled at 40 weeks). My dr. was on vacation, so the lovely fill-in that I had decided to give me meds to stop the contractions and keep me under observation instead of bringing me into surgery. I hope the next week goes smoothly for you!
    Heather´s last blog post ..anniversary

  9. 10
    Denissa says:

    I TOTALLY remember that counting down the days feeling..insomnia is the WORST! I had it too and it is not fun when you have other littles to take care of :(
    I think when you know the date it almost makes it worse! 2 of my 3 were schedule c-sections so I know the feeling..just wondering why at 4:30? Won’t you have to go ALL day without water & food?
    I’ll be praying for you and posting a pic for ya! haha

  10. 11

    Oh boy I feel for you! I’ve already got you scheduled in my calendar and I love that so many of us will be thinking about you when a new baby is born!! :)
    Shirley L´s last blog post ..Photo Phone Dump

  11. 12

    31?!? You kid, you. My bladder still hasn’t recovered and I’ve only had one.

    I was pushing 39 when I had her. The old gray mare ain’t quite what she used to be.


  12. 13

    You are precious! I am so thrilled for you and i will be lifting you high in prayer!
    Kate Eschbach´s last blog post ..Kim and Family {Songs Kate Sang Photography}

  13. 14

    You are so adorable! Hang in there!! 8 days will be here and gone before you know it. :) I am soon to turn 30 and just had my first baby in May. Praising God that I had her before this scorching Houston heat hit the summer months because I was already swollen to the max. Cankles doesn’t even give you a good description!! Cannot imagine being pregnant in this heat! GOod luck next week!

  14. 15

    I am thinking of you and yours and sending the love your way as you get through these final days!!! I sense a finish line and black and white check flags waving in the near future — thanks for all the great posts…
    xoxoxox Jen

  15. 16

    totally just put it in my phone. the end of pregnancy is SO STINKIN WEIRD. not knowing if at any moment your waters are going to come bursting forth. so weird that next week you will have your son in your arms! weird, but so so exciting!! i’ll be praying for you. i’ve been on that c-section operating table four times so i can pray with some serious knowing. it’s not fun and games but man, those chitlins are worth it!! blessings, blessings!!
    sara @ it’s good to be queen´s last blog post ..happy birthday, ‘merica.

  16. 17

    I was an assistent kindergarten teacher when I was pregnant. I envisioned my water breaking as I was taking the kids to the restroom. I could just hear them saying, “Mrs. E. just wet her pants.” :)
    Mandi´s last blog post ..Tiny Love Super Mat {Giveaway}

  17. 18

    Wow, you make it sound so GLAMOROUS! ;) heehee…
    Melissa from the Blue House´s last blog post ..Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup.

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