The Happy Day Project {Day 4: Book for a Friend}

What IS IT about books?

Or is that just me?

I get all excited.

I pet the covers.

I love to hear the crinkle of pages in really old books when you open them up after a long hibernation.

I’m always nervous to be the first to break the binding on new books.

Henry brings home those Scholastic order forms from preschool and I kid you not, I squealed with delight the first time.  I remember pouring over those as a kid.  And I may, or may not, have sat in a comfy chair with a hot coffee and the preschool Scholastic flyer during naptime.

Over the years, I’ve gotten kinda strict about grandparents buying gifts for my kids…it was seriously out of hand.

But the one thing they can bring and I will never balk at is a book.

Today’s task is all about a simple gesture of kindness and brightening someone’s day.

Give someone a book.

Out of the blue.  For no reason.  Just because.

Smiles will be had.  Pinky promise.

You can print off the bookplate that Heather of Life Made Lovely created just for The Happy Day Project HERE.

We decided to give our friend Ezra a book.  One of our favorites.  About a chameleon who wishes he could have a special color all his own.  Who wants to be like the other creatures who can call themselves red or blue or green.  Until he finds another chameleon friend that will come alongside him so that they will always be the same color.  Together.  Even as they change from one hue to the next.

Kinda like a family.  Being a part of something.  Someone to stand beside you.  Always.

You see, Ezra isn’t quite home yet…his mama and daddy are working really hard on the adoption process and hope to have him home soon.

So we thought it would be fun for him to have a little gift waiting for him.  To let him know we’re really giddily excited to meet him.  And that we’ve been thinking about him and praying for him even before we got the chance to squish him.

(Um, Joy.  Surprise ruined.  Oops.)

Don’t have someone you can think of to give a book to?  Want to buy more books (because really, is there such thing as too many)?

The Joyful Life Library Project was started by my friend Heather.

Joyful Life is the beautiful project she organized to honor the memory of her sweet son Samuel.

It seeks to provide books to PICUs across the country.  To give families fighting the hardest battles a sense of normalcy.  To give them something to bond over.


I spent all of one day in the PICU with Jill once and I can tell you that I was quickly bored to tears.  The toy/book selection is shockingly slim.

Best of all, it’s ultra easy to give to the Joyful Life Project!  There are currently 7 JL Libraries around the country and Heather has set up an Amazon wishlist for each location.  You can buy a book and have it shipped directly to the hospital.  It really doesn’t get easier than that to give.

Spread sunshine and happiness in the way of good old fashioned books today friends!
Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference.
{New here?  Read more about The Happy Day Project.  It’s not too late to join in!  We still have three more days of happy to go!}



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  1. 1

    This project coupled with Kisses From Katie is changing me–one act of kindness at a time. There is so much we can do. Thank you for the reminder! One person really can make a difference!

  2. 2

    jeannett, you guys rock! thanks for a)making me teary-eyed so early in the morning, b)delivering a care package to korea for us, c)gifting ezra a book, d)sharing your heart so regularly on your blog, e)being my friend :) i love you, girl!

  3. 3

    As much as I want to actual give things to people I can see in real life, all of the online ways to play have touched my heart more! I LOVE this one & will be buying a book for the Joyful Life Project :)

  4. 4

    Awesome! I’ve shared a new series of books with my students today.

  5. 5

    hooray! books are my fave thing to give!

    we were hit with the stomach flu last night, so staying home to give…joyful life library, here we come! xo

  6. 6

    I love this post, and love books too :)

  7. 7

    I thought I was the only mom who did cartwheels over the Scholastic flyer! You would not believe the excitement in my heart. It was great, and I think I was way more excited for the books than my 4 year old when they came in! Ahhhh, memories. I love books to almost an addiction.
    Thank you for the information on the Joyful Life Library Project. Books have an amazing way to heal, help, calm and guide!
    I’m a new follower, but I have to say, I’m already in love with this blog!
    Happy Thursday, almost Friday,

  8. 8

    Love this post (like all the others). I was super excited to see that a hospital in my area was on the list for yesterday’s post. I sent them Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel – a book my son and I love to read, and my brother and I loved to read when we were little. Hopefully many more children and their parents and siblings will now enjoy reading that one too!

    I printed out the super cute book tag, but haven’t given a book away yet. I think I might wait for my daughter to get home from school and let her take one over to one of her friends!

    Now thinking about where to best give out water!