One Bite At A Time

We’re a busy lot.

I don’t know if we’re busier than the average family or not, but I do know that I feel like I have to check the calendar every day to see if there is anything scrawled in that little box.

Most days, there is.

And on the days where that little white box is miraculously blank, I really try to keep things as simple as possible.

Unfortunately, simple usually includes trips to Costco, Target, running by the post office, and oh…writing a blog post, editing pictures, and tackling my inbox.

Plus, my husband travels quite a bit so that adds a wrench into things often.

Then I wrote an ebook in the middle of all of that and all sorts of others things I can’t even begin to remember at this point.

People often ask “How do you DO it?!”

I have no idea.


I just kinda do.

In a crazy mixed up way that I feel isn’t totally off base, but could certainly use some streamlining.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw Tsh’s new ebook Click here to visit Simple Mom.

It lays out 52 projects to help streamline your life (get it? 52…one for each week? that makes it 100 times less overwhelming to me…)

It’s only $5.00…which is totally worth it if I even have one take away from the ebook.

And here’s the best part: this isn’t yet another “simplify your life by buying all these really cool and expensive containers”…Tsh says so beautifully: “in the book, I share how I believe there should be a reason to live simply. Getting rid of our stuff is all well and good, but ultimately, it should be about Something Bigger. “

And y’all know how much I adore that kind of a heart.

If you could use some ideas on how to tackle some great projects, Click here to visit Simple Mom.


{Disclosure: I used affiliate links here so if you buy the ebook after clicking through from one of them, I’ll make a small commission. }


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    I bought Tsh’s other book so I’m definitely going to check this one out! Your links aren’t working for me though.

  2. 2

    I’m intrigued, might have to check it out