Special Olympics 2015



I’ve been dying to share about our experience at the Special Olympics, but between Life and then my website being hacked…and then hacked again…I’m woefully behind.

In any case, here we are.


Her one on one aide and I made sure to coordinate their outfits.  We decided on the school assigned shirt (which clearly should have been PURPLE) and black shorts.

I also bought her new sunnies.  Because obviously.



This girl.

We arrived to find her surrounded by an entire Fan Club.  While being towed around in a wagon.

All she needed was some fig leaves and someone feeding her grapes.  Someone should get on that for next year.


Friends of ours joined us.

In Uniform.  Of course.


Her first event was the 25 meter walk.

She was the only one in her age group for this one.

So basically she owned it.

As it should be.


She was so excited.

We were so excited for her.

I love that we celebrate alongside her with the same gusto of the big Olympics.


Pep talks were had.

Rules gone over.

I kinda think she might have swayed the judges with her Cute.

jilly special olympics-05

My dear friend Lisa Leonard was there too for her boy David.  She snapped a few pictures.  Like this one.  And it’s perfection.

I love how it captures the relationship between Jilly and Miss Julie, her one on one aide.

jilly special olympics-04

With #teamjilly rooting her on.  Cheering and hootin’ and hollerin’ like crazies.

jilly special olympics-06

And she was OFF!


High fives and hand shakes for jobs well done.


Some of the littlest fans made it out to cheer our girl on.


Including Porkchops.


And then came the Softball Throw.


Which took some coaxing from Miss Julie and Daddy.




We have a Gold and Bronze Olympic Medal Winner in our family.



So thankful for a crazy crew of friends and family who support her and us at every step.


Who take time off work, stay home from school, and drive many miles just to Encourage her.  And us.


Thankful for an absolutely INCREDIBLE Miss Julie who loves my girl as fiercely as I do when I can’t be there.

Who rides the bus each way with her.  Who helps her in class.  Who sits at her side during lunch.  Who tosses softballs with her.

Who coordinates their outfits.



jilly special olympics-01

It’s literally impossible for me to convey to you how incredibly privileged I feel to be this girl’s mama.

To struggle and cry at her side.  To weep at her suffering.  To join in her joy.

To just to get witness it.

Sweet Jill, you are moving mountains.  Every single day.  And I can’t wait to see what else you do.  Gold medals or not, this mama is over the moon and back again proud of you.

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  1. 1
    Jim Battersby says:

    So near and dear to my heart. Kudos to Jill it is a great accomplishment.

  2. 2
    Misty (aka Sunshyniegirl) says:

    Just tears. My son did special Olympics while he was in public school and we were the same about coordinating outfits and having our own cheering section. And being as proud as if we were at the “real” Olympics. *especially the year he won a gold by swimming with half his body partially paralyzed!!*
    Way to go Jilly!! And kudos to Miss Julie and all the friends and family who showed up for support of this awesome young lady! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. 3
    Mary Kay says:

    Tears. Thanks for this post.

  4. 4
    Meg Taylor says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. All of it: your love, everyone’s support of your amazing daughter, and Jill – wow! I love reading your blog and your family is such an inspiration.

  5. 5
    Beverly says:

    Jill is the best! Oh how I wish I could have been there. I would loved to have cheered her no. You’re a star Jill! Keep shining!