InstaFriday (mini itty bitty tiny edition)

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I didn’t insta much this week, and those that I did, I actually have plans to use them in like, actual POSTS, so instead I’ll share one.  Of cute shoes.


I saw these in a mall in Southern California several YEARS ago.  I swooned.  I tried them on.  I flipped them over to see the price.

And then set them right back on the display.


For flip flops.

Darling, crystal laden flip flops.  BUT STILL FLIP FLOPS.

Lucky for me, I happen to live near a Nine West outlet…and while shopping for kids back to school shoes I thought I’d pop in.


More than half off original price AND they had a BOGO deal going on.

It pays to be patient.

How about you?

Score any awesome deals this week?

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  1. 1

    I did score a deal – a good sized Coach bag for $68 at a consignment store. Walking on sunshine, baby!

  2. 2

    My awesome deal was a laminator. I have always wanted one! Thanks for the link!

  3. 3

    $80? That’s crazy! Glad that you scored them for much less. They ARE really cute! Hope you have a great labor day weekend! Thanks for hosting, as always.