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Confession: I am completely intrigued by people with mad dance skillz.  I think this stems from the fact that I have about as much rhythm as a grapefruit.  

7th grader’s service dog makes it into the school yearbook – NBC

The 38 absolute best yearbook quotes from the class of 2014 – Buzzfeed

My Friend Wendy – Illustrated with Crappy Pictures (warning: language.  But I don’t care.  Worth every letter.  I want you to read it anyway.  Even if the three words offend you.  Because the rest won’t.)

Data on sexual abuse of students with disabilities – Education Week.  

Look, I know these last two links were kinda buzz kills, but they are important.  I think we all need to know these things.  Be aware of them.  Suffer alongside our friends and sisters and neighbors.  Ostriches are not my favorite.  

Father’s Day Cards that raise money for childhood cancer.  A sweet reader put this together.  Aubrey is a very strong and beautiful girl fighting leukemia. Here’s how you can help her raise money for childhood cancer research:   Due to the popular & successful Mother’s Day cards & request from her supporters, she has created this Father’s Day card.”

Psst, Donald Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is only $2.99 on Kindle right now.  I don’t know how long they will have it priced so low, but while I’m not all the way through it, I love it so far.

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    Laura @ Prairie Sewn Studios says:

    That dance video is awesome! I’m a sucker for these kind of videos, too. Even though I could NEVER dance like that!