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He’s been through the car wash lots of times.

He’s never cried.

But he always looks like this.


$1 lip gloss.

My favorite.

Almost out.

Sad trombone.


We don’t think she gets a good night sleep.  Ever.

We don’t know why and we can’t exactly ask her about it.

But oftentimes, she can be found taking a little nap mid morning.

It takes all of my willpower to not crawl right into that toddler bed right next to her.

(Not to sleep.  I can’t nap.  Ever.  Unless I’m pregnant.  Which I’m not.  So I’d just lay there and stare at her.)


He was outside playing with the garden hose.

The back door was propped open.

I had my back turned making dinner.

I suppose I had to mop anyway.

(Also, yes.  My pantry is messy.  It’s always messy.  I organize it.  And then it’s messy.  Let’s blame the kids.  It’s more socially acceptable that way, mkay?)

Selling a house is WORK.

The house has to be perfectly clean and you have to be ready to leave.  At first, the kids were really excited at the prospect of spending lots of time at the park just walking distance from the house.

But that’s a lot of time out in the sun.  And playing is hard work.

These two never nap, but I told them it was Family Quiet Time.  They protested mightily that they weren’t tired.

But the mama could tell.

No more than thirty seconds later.

Also, those curls!  Gah.  That girl.

The showings continue.  This afternoon we have our 11th showing scheduled in 7 days on the market.

The kids are BEAT.  In fact, they cried that we had to leave again.

So this time I drove to the next street over and popped in a movie.  We sat for about half an hour in the air conditioning and watched Despicable Me.

Look at them.  Little tired lobsters.


But no showings this weekend.

We have a wedding.

My kids are in it.

And I die at the cuteness of these shoes.  (And they were only $12.99!)

I actually wish they came in my size.

For reals.


Nothing signals the coming of spring like holographic wind chimes, my friends.

Walmart provides your choice of hummingbird, open mouthed bass, and ‘merica.

Lucy begs BEGS for one of these every time she sees them.

Yes dear.  Because what we need in our lives is more noise.

Your turn!

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  1. 1
    Mandy @ This Girl's Life says:

    LOVE e.l.f. make-up! I haven’t tried that lipgloss though…might have to grab one next time I’m at Target. :) And those shoes ARE adorable. :) Linking up!

  2. 2

    Love Owen’s car wash look – pretty sure I still have that look when going through them, too! #notmyfavorite