Sweet, simple, everyday moments.

The things we forget in the chaos, but we snap throughout the week.  Nothing but a cell phone.

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Sweet peas from the farmer’s market.

They smelled soooo good.  And were so pretty and happy on my coffee table.

But they are dead and in the garbage can now.  Boo.


Ryley is a giant teddy bear with a heart beat.  That dog is the world’s biggest cuddler.

She also sheds like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It’s a good thing she’s sweet with the kids or I’d have sent her away by now.

Okay, not really.  But still.

(Can you believe she was found wandering the streets and no one claimed her???!!!)


My favorite tutorials are the ones that say things like “No need to iron or measure.  Just cut.”  And then later, “This is just freehand.  Not rocketscience.”  Yesssssssss.

This is why I’m friends with Lindsey.

I made Henry and Lucy superhero capes a long time ago.

I didn’t make one for Jill because she couldn’t even really crawl at the time.  And I knew that if I made her a cape, I was really making the cape for ME, you know?  And truly, seeing the cape hanging around the house unable to be used might have actually been worse.

Now that she’s using her walker consistently (and even in the house!!!), I decided it was time.


Henry LEGIT, STRAIGHT UP, FULL ON VOMITED at the dinner table one night when we made him eat a brussel sprout.

No, HALF a brussel sprout.

So imagine my surprise when he asked to take a sip of my green juice.  And then asked for his own glass.  Slammed it, and asked for a SECOND glass…and then asked if I could make him one every morning like mine and Andy’s.  (It has kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, red leaf lettuce, kiwi, and an orange in case you were wondering.)

In the meantime, I was plugging my nose, closing my eyes, and trying not to dry heave as I drank it.  It actually tastes good…but my brain cannot get over how much it looks like duck poop water.

I also can’t eat cupcakes shaped like hamburgers, so this was probably a bad idea.


Our Goodwill is pretty awful.  I always see people blog about their treasures, but it’s always just polyester and country blue bow wearing ducks at mine.

But the thrifting gods were smiling down on me last week.  I got two globes (the little one is tin!), a perfect aqua soap dispenser (that still had the nastiest congealed lotion from 1982 in it), a brand new wasp catcher thing, and even a fire escape ladder.

I have been wanting a fire escape ladder ever since we moved into this house (4 years!), but always found 264 other ways to spend $100+ dollars.

$7.99!!!!  Sweet.

At nine months old (WHAT?!), this kid still has no teeth.

His eyes are still gray.

And that shirt is a size 3 months.  Granted, it’s snug, but it fits.

Because he’s all thigggghhhhhs.

The best. IMG_4210

Five year check up?

I mean, he’ll be 6 in a couple of months…but it seemed like we always had something going on or Jill was in an ambulance or something every time it was his appointment.

Poor kid was not happy at the shots…but he was STOKED when the nurse told him he didn’t have to get any again until high school.

Andy was gone all week in Dallas.

I texted him some Emoji of our family.  In case he forgot.

We are quite the motley crew.

Skateboarding practice is in full swing.

The competition is TOMORROW.

You know, it’s this really hard balance…the truth is that Henry has some natural ability.  He’s pretty good.  BUT…he literally just started maybe four months ago?  Maybe.  There are kids his age that have been skateboarding since they were TWO.  Like little Tony Hawk’s out there.  It’s kinda crazy actually.

I don’t want to discourage him from participating…but I just worry that he’ll be so disappointed and discouraged that he might throw in the towel altogether.  But, for as much as I’ve suggested maybe just watching this year and competing next year (he’s never even been to a competition before to know what it’s even like!)…he wants nothing of it.

In fact, he told me “Mom, it’s okay if I don’t win.  I have my Rockstar Mini Fridge already.”

So, tomorrow morning I’ll be at the skate park at my very first skate comp.  (You don’t say the whole word.  It’s not cool.  Obvs.)

I’m 100% sure I’m more nervous than he is.  It’s like Toddlers and Tiaras without the skanky clothes.  Okay, no.  Not even close.

Your turn!  How was your week?

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  1. 1
    Carrie D says:

    My daughter is just finishing up her first year of competitive gymnastics and I was so worried about how she’d feel about her scores and how she placed and such -and she doesn’t even care. She has no concept of scores, and she’s 7. She gets excited if she does a skill that’s challenging or if she had fun. -and in the long run, that’s what really matters. I’ve found tht my husband and I care way more about her scores than she does. So, just have fun tomorrow!

  2. 2

    I have the same small globe, love it! Know what you mean about Goodwill, it is so hit or miss depending on location. I always do better price wise and find wise when I leave the city/suburbs. Too many bloggers/crafters/diy-ers in my area!

  3. 3

    Our goodwills stink too. There is one thrift store by my gym that I check every once in awhile. I am a sucker for pyrex and large ceramic bowls.
    seriously sassy mama´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  4. 4

    I cannot believe you do not love green juice, maybe because I am obsessed. Maybe you need to adjust your proportions and add some additional fruit to balance the vegetables. But I sure am glad your son loves it.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Health´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  5. 5

    My youngest (2.5) loves all things green juice/green smoothie but will eat very few veggies on his plate. So we blend and juice like crazy around here – you don’t like carrots but will drink carrot juice? Done! No kale, but green smoothie (kale/banana/strawberries) fine with me :-)
    Heather´s last blog post ..what i am eating – homemade coconut milk

  6. 6

    Country blue bow wearing ducks are all the rage at my Goodwill / Salvation Army / Savers. It sure is fun when you actually find something, isn’t it? Score you on that nice haul. // Good luck at the skate comp! Fun, fun. // Have a great weekend. xo, ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 4/5-11

  7. 7

    How does one do a Instagram photo dump to your blog?
    Karie W´s last blog post ..It was a Good, Good Friday

  8. 8

    I’ve never commented before, but I almost always chuckle out loud at your posts….and that goes a looonng way in my book. So thanks. ;)

  9. 9

    The skate comp. sounds fun! I love that he already considers himself a winner since he won the coveted rock star fridge! Too cute. Have a great time!

  10. 10

    See I was hooping there was some easy magic way to just drop them from instagram to my blog but that would be crazy right :) I’m sorta lazy that way…
    Karie W´s last blog post ..It was a Good, Good Friday

  11. 11

    Karie W´s last blog post ..It was a Good, Good Friday

  12. 12

    Oh my goodness, too much funny stuff going on here!

    I could never do the cupcakes like hamburgers either & I sometimes gag down fruit smoothies just because of the kale–the green throws me every time.

    The emoji is too hilarious! So cool about the skateboard competition!! Best of luck to him!
    Kate Pantier @ Project Hermosa´s last blog post ..InstaFriday with Life Rearranged

  13. 13

    Goodwill: I never find anything decent at Goodwill, but others around me do. I had concluded that I don’t have the thrift shopping gene, but then another thrift store opened in our area that always seems to have something I want. I think that store must have different sources for their items. The one thing that people always say they find at thrift stores is yarn, and I never find that.

    Smoothies: My family has recently been experimenting with fruit and veggie smoothies, too. I am amazed at how the taste of spinach disappears when blended with fruit and milk. I can’t wait until my veggie-hating daughter comes home so I can try them out on her.
    Dani in NC´s last blog post ..No summer school for me

  14. 14

    Just curious how the chicken owning/farming is going? Do you have a coop yet? My daughter is begging to get some. :)


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