How is it that my cell phone camera ends up capturing some of my favorite images?

Because it’s always there.  In my pocket.

Our week in Instas:

Drive by our house on any weekend day and you can pretty much bet that the garage door will be open and Andy will be in it tinkering, waxing, washing, or something-ing.

My kids are usually wild haired, filthy, and gleefully playing in the cul-de-sac with a passel of neighborhood kids.

And it starts early.  Babies in bitty chairs hanging with dad.

Every kid has done this.  This is part of their childhood.  I know garage time with dad will play a huge part of their memories.

It’s simple.  I like it.

While dad’s on kid duty, I usually sneak out for some kid-free errands.

I really don’t go through Starbucks very often, mainly because I fall all over myself trying to order.

“I’ll take a…large…um, blendy ice thing that has chocolate chips in it…?”

“A venti java chip frappuccino?”


(And yes, I totally had to google that spelling.)

Tuesday night I hadn’t yet started dinner when Andy got home.

Usually, he’s a little bummed that he has to wait, but that night he lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Oh…well…since you haven’t started dinner, how about we go to Red Robin?”

Turns out that they have a Sam Adams Oktoberfest beer milkshake.

I took a sip.  It tastes like a regular milkshake.  At first.  And then your tastebuds are overwhelmed by a STRONG beer aftertaste.

I couldn’t imagine drinking a whole glass.  Andy loved it.


We call Owen “Fat Henry”.

Because the resemblance is astonishing…except for the extra baby padding.

Henry was a skinny little guy…still is actually.

I ask my pediatrician every time if he’s okay…and every time he assures me he’s fine.

Owen does not seem to share his brother’s problem.  Even if he shares just about everything else.

It’s almost creepy.

My friend Molly watched me drop and have to retrieve Owen’s paci from the floor about 16 times in the cry room at church a couple of weeks ago.

The very next week she brought me one of her paci holders.

Such a simple little thing has made my life 100 times simpler.

And it’s cute.

Just like everything else in her shop.

The blankies?  I die.

Baby announcements finally being sent out 10+ weeks later?

Meh.  Fourth kid.

For the record, I found this template shop that had so much cuteness, it was almost impossible to choose my favorite.

You have to have Photoshop, but you just plop in your own photos (she has GREAT super short you tube tutorials to help, and I usually hate tutorials)…I had mine printed at Costco, but you can be fancy and print them at a pro lab on pretty cardstock and stuff.

I was too cheap and impatient to do that so I thought I’d fake it by adding some baker’s twine.

Seriously…browse her shop and keep her in mind for Christmas cards.  She has crazy cute stuff for just a few bucks!

(No I’m not paid to say all of that…I just really love it.)

Our hybrid homeschooling gig is going really well so far.

Henry’s least favorite is working through this book.

It’s not super fun, but it seems to be clicking.  Plus, it’s only 100 lessons.  Right?

I made a discovery of epic proportions this week.

Target has these giant, peanut butter cookies…they don’t look very amazing, but trust me.

They are warm and soft and the m&ms and big hunks of chocolate are all ooey gooey warm and…

Dude, they’re only a buck.  Try them.

Or don’t.  Because then you’ll have to get one every time you go to Target.

Which, let’s face it: is all the dang time.

Okay, so I about had a HEART ATTACK when I went to buy Henry a backpack.

$40????!!!!  WHAT the WHAT?!  Even the fake non-brand backpacks were $25.  I mean, that’s better than $40, but holy moly…that’s still a lot of money.  Especially when someday you’ll have FOUR of them to buy.

Have backpacks always been this expensive???!!!

I get paying good money for a backpack in the upper grades and high school.  But you know what Kindergarteners do with backpacks?

They throw them.  They chuck them.  They toss them in the air.  They slide them down the hallways bowling lunchboxes over with them.

I know.  I remember doing it.

You are not gonna take $25 of my dollars and play for a lunchbox strike thankyouverymuch you five year old you.

75% off clearance?  Yes please.

In fact, let’s go ahead and get one for next year too while we’re here.

$4.49 and $7.49.

Now you’re talking.

So next year, make your kid use this year’s backpack for a few weeks.  No, they won’t die of embarrassment.  No matter what they say.  They’ll make it.  I called and checked.  Totally fine.

Then shop sales after Labor Day.

And use the money you saved on peanut butter m&m cookies.


Your turn!  What did you do this week?



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  1. 1

    thank you for hosting!! I pretty much stalked you this morning to add my post! ;)

    And the Starbucks thing, I get it! My hubby won’t even go in because he says he doesn’t know how to order! LOL
    Jessica´s last blog post ..InstaFriday – Life lately according to my iPad

  2. 2

    I had been wondering how absolutely nasty those beer milkshakes were. Thank you for finding out for me :) Backpacks – just as nasty – super expensive and blech! I like your tactic. That is now my plan for next year, because just having two to buy stinks too! Your babies are all adorable. Adorable and squeezy and squishy and smiley and… oh no, is this what baby fever looks like???
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..My Prayer

  3. 3

    Thank you for hosting my favorite link party of the week.

    {Real life}



  4. 4

    oh my! i want to go to target right now and buy that cookie. yummy!
    the thing i have missed the most during my pregnancy is beer … and a beer milkshake sounds awesome!
    elizabeth´s last blog post ..high 5 for insta-friday

  5. 5

    OMG…your birth announcements are SO cute. I love them.
    Emily´s last blog post ..First Insta-Friday

  6. 6

    I bought a Jansport backpack on clearance for $30, because they have a lifetime warranty. I’m 30 and I still have the one my mom bought me in elementary school. Its been sent out for repair a few times, but she’s never had to buy my me or my sisters a new backpack!
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Organizing Old Magazines

  7. 7

    ok its pretty ridic how expensive backpacks are but i may or may not have caved buying the pricy ones because they’re cute for my preschooler. luckily i only have one to shop for. but you’re right i def need to think this over in the many years to come! and that is one cute baby announcement. i never even did one for mine. #momfail

  8. 8

    Well…now I’m going to have to try one of those cookies at Target…have you seen the cute stuff they have in the dollar bins right now? Also, I’m impressed that your 4th child got announcements at all…well done! Thanks for hosting instafriday. I’ve enjoyed being a part of it!

  9. 9

    so that reading book… i made it through 1 lesson and chucked it. and a new backpack every year? you’re a nice mom. gracie has had the same one since first grade. please don’t tell my kids getting a new one is an option!

    so… coffee? meet in the middle? i need some jeannett time. and bring fat henry too.
    lindsey – the pleated poppy´s last blog post ..instafriday

  10. 10

    I love the pic of little man in his bouncy seat with the tire in the background. So manly.
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< week in review: 9/7-13

  11. 11

    I’ve used “100 Easy Lessons” with all three of my girls.” Two are in college now so it worked great for us. I think we made it to around lesson 80 and then stopped because they were reading the little chapter books by then. Good luck! :)
    Kim´s last blog post ..Insta Friday

  12. 12

    I love the time spent in the garage with daddy. :) That is so cool. Definitely something that will mean a lot later.
    Mary´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  13. 13

    If you are going to pay $40 for a backpack, I would highly recommend one of these:

    My grandmother gave me one on my 12th birthday and that was the last backpack purchased/given to me through my college graduation. I sent it in to LL Bean three or four times for strap issues and they replaced it with a brand new one (gotta love their 100% guarantee…for life!) If I had a reason to carry it, I would to this day.

  14. 14

    oh my goodness your little man is so adorable! love that baby belly!!! ooohh and those cookies from Target look YUMMY!
    Melodee´s last blog post ..Instafriday

  15. 15

    Your little ones birth announcements are too cute! :)
    Kristin´s last blog post ..InstaFriday #9

  16. 16

    I love your baby announcement picture! Very sweet!
    Yvonne @ Our LIttle Corner of the World´s last blog post ..Time for InstaFriday!

  17. 17

    my son LOVES those cookies and so does the husband. i won’t try them for fear of immediate and total addiction ;-)
    kirstie@bonhomie´s last blog post ..real life….{letting go or giving up?}


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