Grainy.  Simple.  Silly.  Everyday.

It’s our filterific recap of the week.

Our local bitty airport has an annual air show, and attending has become a Gibson family tradition.

As always, we brought our most awesomest wagon, and Jilly’s walker (it’s the silver thing folded up in the wagon).

This picture makes me giggle…it looks like Queen Jilly flanked on all sides by her own personal security detail.

As it should be.

Girlfriend walked ALL OVER that airport.  It was beyond awesome.

These boys geeking out on the airplanes.

I love that they love the same things.

Nursing at an air show?  It’s whatevs.

I realize that’s not that big of a deal, but I always kinda laugh when I find myself nursing at really random events/locations.

But I doubt I will ever beat my friend Brianna who has nursed at the pig races and at the Sistine Chapel.

My latest favesies thing?

Stacking my Lisa Leonard bracelets.

It’s a fun, funky, clunky way to accessorize.

Highly recommended.

Also love?

Kim’s #mugswap.

This was the box of happy I got from my assigned mug swapper.

I can’t wait to do it again next year…I’ll try to remind you so you can do it too.  :)

Look who’s smiling?

Love this baby.

He’s the bestest.

I told this boy to smile for the camera.

He made this face.

Which is pretty cute too.

In a hipster angsty kind of way.

Another fave of ours?

The Jesus Storybook Bible.

The illustrations are super colorful and amazing…but best of all, the way it is written is so God centered.

It’s not “Noah built an ark.”  It’s “God told Noah to build an ark.  God showed Noah how to build it.”  I love that it always points back to God.  It’s a simple distinction, but an important one.

We have the one that came with CDstoo.

Worth every penny.

Sleeping babies?

Is there anything much sweeter in the whole wide world?

No, no there is not.

Convinced of it.

Yesterday we visited the UCLA Epilepsy Center for Jilly.

I’ll fill you in on it more next week in its own post, but for now I will just say that I am overwhelmingly thankful for access to world class medical care.

God is so good to our little family it is unfathomable and humbling.

We don’t deserve His grace and mercy and yet, it surrounds us at every turn.

Like this moment with my silliest girl.

A lemon in her mouth without the slightest puckered face.

Cheesing it up at Olive Garden last night because mama wasn’t about to cook after a long day of driving and doctors with the little blonde at the end of the table.

I may well be the luckiest girl in the world.  Actually I know I am.

God is good.  Always.  No matter what.

How was your week?  Link up, grab a button and visit each other!

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  1. 1

    I don’t think I have ever been to an airshow. Fun that your boys can share in it
    Cassi´s last blog post ..Insta Friday

  2. 2

    You’re littles are adorable! That is the awesomest wasgon! I want one! Thanks for hosting. :)
    Amanda @ The Little Giggler´s last blog post ..It’s Insta-Friday!

  3. 3

    Happy Friday! That’s awesome that Jill walked at the air show :-) I can’t wait to hear how the doctor appointment went. Have a great weekend.

  4. 4

    the craziest place I nursed? In the stands at a high school football game. Hey, everyone was watching the game, no one was looking in my direction. I don’t think even those right next to me noticed! Such is the life of a coach’s wife. // how do you get such clear shots with your phone? my pictures are always so grainy. // I want in on the mugswap. // Have a great week!
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 8/24-30

  5. 5

    the craziest spot i ever nursed was the acc men’s basketball tournament. like the comment above all eyes were on the game and not on me (at least i hope not). those seats are way close to each other but there was no other place to sit except for the toilet in the bathroom!
    sandi´s last blog post ..two weeks of fun: back flips and 360′s

  6. 6

    I nursed everywhere my baby needed to be fed. Pumpkin patch, restaurants, stores.. :)
    That mug us the cutest ever! I want to join in on that fun next time!
    Robin´s last blog post ..Finally Friday

  7. 7
    maddalena70 says:

    Jeannett… you deserve everything God gives to you and your family….

    And jilly s so cute…..

    Have a nice and bight week end..



  8. 8

    your fam is the cutest. love that last silly pic!!
    isn’t the mug swap the best? love it so much.
    amen, jesus storybook bible is the jam! we are so grateful for it and the truth it holds!

    love ya, happy weekend! xo
    hannah singer´s last blog post ..insta-friday {and free shipping!}

  9. 9

    I drafted my post last week then totally forgot to link up! Mommy brain! So sad I missed out on the mug swap :( Next time!