Everyday moments captured with nothing but a cell phone.

They tell quite the story don’t they?

Oh Owen.

I like you.

A lot.

What is it about newborns that we can stare at them for hours on end and be completely content?

God is amazing.  I love that he wires us in beautiful, inexplicable ways.

I got happy mail from Hannah this week.

I am in LOVE with the natural shell ones.

Throw on a pair of earrings and you feel SO much more put together.

I need to make it a habit to wear them more often.

I’m looking forward to looking more like ME again.  Heck, I might even link up with a WIWW.

Okay, no.  Probably not.  Love you Linds!

Chubby baby!!!!

Maybe not to most people, but all of my babies have been bitty and lacking in the roll department.

O-Dog eats without ceasing so we’re beginning to see him fill out in the most adorable of ways.

Not adorable?


I’m having to treat him too…but really, I’m the one who has it.


I’ve had it each time I’ve had kids…I think I’m sensitive to the antibiotics they give you in the hospital…but this time I’m having a much harder time kicking it to the curb.

Diflucan.  Nystatin.  Gentian Violet.  Vinegar washes.  None of it is working.  Now I’m waiting for my pharmacy to call and tell me this is ready.  Fingers crossed.

In happy news, Method and Orla Kiely are besties right now.

I’m a sucker for cute packaging.

Stop snickering.  I realize how pathetic that is.

In case you’re relatively new around here, a fact about me: I can’t stand sand.

No.  Like, it makes my skin crawl.  Anxiety.  Stress.

The thought of rolling around in it…a kid covered in it…makes my stomach CHURN.

Super sad when you consider how close we live to the beach.

My poor kids have only been about 4 times in their lives.

Call CPS.

See the feet?

All wet and sandy?

And Lucy’s PB&J face…with sand stuck to it?

Dying.  Just looking at this picture.

ACK!  I can’t.  I just can’t.

I’m dying.  In not a good way.

Okay, your turn!

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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 2

    Awww….hope Owen is feeling better soon.

    Maybe after the Olympics, they can ship some of this stuff to you!

  2. 3

    LOL! I love sand! well except when it gets in my food! then yuck!
    Victoria@Snailpactransformations´s last blog post ..Daily Life Captured: Top 10 Highlights of Summer

  3. 4

    Darling pictures! And I cant believe how much Owen looks like Henry!! And… I also HATE sand…and we live in Santa Cruz…awesome. I dealt with the thrush thing, or so they thought. Apparently after 4 months of hell, and aggressive treatment, the doctor diagnosed me with Renaults syndrome…ya basically the kiddo damaged my nerves :/ Fun times. Hang in there!!

  4. 5

    I don’t like sand either! O… the sand on the towels… in the bottom of my bag… in my mouth… in my car… not to mention [the nether regions]. Yuck! But really fun times for the kiddos, so.

    I love Owen’s chubby pic. My chubby baby was 95 percentile weight and 50 percentile height. Yep. A round little ball. And now he’s a scrawny little thing today at age 14. Sometimes, when he’s sleeping, I still feel like I could look at him for hours on end and feel content.

    ~Have a great week!
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 8/3-9

  5. 6

    Whole foods has some crazy strong probiotics that worked great for me when nothing else did. They keep them in the refrigerated section. I took them several times a day until it cleared and then just once a day for maintenance. Hope it helps!

  6. 7

    I hope you all get better soon! Owen is adorable!!
    Thanks for link up!
    Momma’s Sunshine´s last blog post ..Instagram – Instafriday

  7. 8

    I had battled thrush with all 3 of my kids when they were babies and nursing. My pediatrician finally recommended that I take the probiotic Culturelle. Worked like a charm when nothing else was kicking it! I strongly recommend it! You can find it at most large chain grocery stores (I have always had luck finding it at Wal-Mart).

  8. 9

    Ew. I hate sand, too. It doesn’t bother me AS much if I’m on the beach. But if it’s all over the house or something? Or if we’re leaving the beach and I have to put my shoes on still sandy? ::Shudder:: Owen is pretty much the cutest little squishy baby ever. :)
    Courtney Kirkland´s last blog post ..Within an Inch of my Sanity

  9. 10

    Don’t like sand? That’s a new one! ;) I just moved close to the beach and we’ve been there every week so far! You should bring a little tent or something, then you can have the beach, but less sand. =)
    Ameryn´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday time!

  10. 11

    My sister in law got rid of thrush with grapefruit seed extract. She found the dosing instructions on She said it cleared her and her son right up. I think she also took vitamin c and probiotics. Hope that helps!!

  11. 12

    The magic cream saved our breastfeeding days. :) Hope it works for you!
    AbbasGirl´s last blog post ..Summer Yummies

  12. 13

    Oh, his skin in the first picture. Baby soft beautiful skin! I miss you! I’m glad I get to see what’s going on with your instafriday – such a fun glimpse into all things Gibson! (I love pretty packaging too. And Method anything.)

  13. 14

    This is my first time participating in the linkup! Love, love it! Thanks so much for hosting. Oh, and the sand thing? I get it, but I am a beach babe through and through. :)
    – Heather
    SmartSavvyStyle´s last blog post ..InstaFriday + TraffickFree Feature

  14. 15

    I don’t normally comment but I have to on the thrush. I’ve had resistant thrush with all of my babies. It’s the worst! I had to do diflucan for about 3 -4 weeks non-stop and the triple nipple to get it to go away. Dr. Jack Newman has something on his website about the extended diflucan. good luck!!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..last week in photos

  15. 16

    i totally get you with the sand thing but we are a BIG beach family and my youngest is a sand eater… gross!!

    The answer that has saved our lives is baby powder. it absorbs any moisture in the sand and then it brushes off so easily. plus then they smell delicious. :)
    Mollie´s last blog post ..WIWW

  16. 17

    Your little Owen is so adorable! Clara, my 3 month old, was born petite and she is just now getting some chubby thighs and extra skin under her chin. Love it!
    Brittnie´s last blog post ..Fertility treatments, ethical dilemmas and frozen embryos

  17. 18

    I hope you all get to feeling better… and I have no comforting words about the sand situation, since I love it… but look how stinking happy those littles are! :-)

  18. 19
    Natalie C. says:

    Your baby is so adorable!
    Lil tidbit for ya that has saved my life- Sand + baby powder= no mess… Seriously.. rub on the baby powder and it wicks the moisture out of the sand and it just brushes away! And ya smell great afterwards (if you use the Burt’s Bees baby brand that I do!)

  19. 20

    O’ man is adorable, I love his big eyes.. So sorry your feeling under the weather asking God to bring the answer quick.. Like yesterday lol.. As far as sand yes its annoying but if you put baby powder on them it comes right off. The beach for me was a built in baby sitter they were so entertained by the water and the muddy sand they could build with. Loved it.. Yes messy but oh the memories and pictures at the beach are priceless..
    Blessings, Gweny

  20. 21
    SoCalDutchess says:

    haha! This post was fantastic! I hate the stickiness of the sand, too, but I’m willing to bear it for the water and soothing ocean sounds! I need to read up on your posts about what baby Owen has (and what you have?) but I, as a paranoid Step-Mom (to-be) make sure I have emergency kits all over the house at all times! haha! Bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, water bottles everywhere, toilet paper stashed in place you would never imagine, a postable medicine cabinet I like to call “my purse”…. I’ve even gone so far as to stock up on Emergency kits JUST IN CASE! (seriously, did I say paranoid?) I like to think of myself as cautious, much like the pessimist considers themselves “realists”. oh, I’m also “that guy”! lol! BUT, I won’t be left helpless if/when something bad happens!

    Wow, that was a rant! Anyway, I will keep reading on to see if I can answer my own question regarding what you and your baby have and how (if at all possible) it can be cured or avoided when I start having kids!

    p.s.. In case you were curious the surival kit I got:
    And I also collected things on my own (one by one) whenever I could afford the additional expense. :)

  21. 22

    With my oldest I needed the cream for thrush as well, but the pharmacy named it all-purpose nipple cream which was just AWESOME when we went through airport security and the 60-something, male TSA agent had to read the label on the bottle. I still chuckle about the look on his face as he quickly stuffed it back in my ziploc bag. Ha.
    ememby´s last blog post ..Sisters-in-love, x2

  22. 23

    i would never ever do wiww post baby. it would be impossible! so, i don’t blame you friend!
    lindsey – the pleated poppy´s last blog post ..anchors away!

  23. 24

    How has the recession affected you, i.e. have you lost your job or maybe even your home? I read an article about British people relocating to escape the recession. I guess this only works if you are going somewhere to a job. For example I know someone who recently moved to Australia from the UK, and others to Canada. Not that those places are not affected, but for some brits they can get jobs and more house and still remain with savings in comparison to no job, lose home etc here. Would you relocate?


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