InstaFriday (finally!)

So we had a hectic morning and I just NOW finally got a chance to sit down at the computer to do my InstaFriday post.

I apologize, but I do hope you’ll forgive me.

Besides, I come bearing gifts…in the form of a giveaway…in the form of a $599 giveaway. 

Basically, I’m buying your love and forgiveness.  I’m totally okay with it.  ;)

I’ll tell you more…it’s at the end of the post.  Don’t skip too far ahead.

Hello hydrangeas from the garden in an artisan bowl gifted to me by family.

I like you.

Even if Jill tries to eat your petals regularly.

I made more homemade laundry detergent this week.

Figured I should probably stock up before Walty-Poo makes his debut.

Our ten year anniversary was on June 22nd.

Which was also the date of Jilly’s IEP meeting (which went really well!).

In something classic out of a Harlequin Romance novel, we celebrated by stopping by Costco.

My life is fabulous.  I’m sorry if you’re jealous.

Because the very next day was Henry’s fifth birthday…and the three way birthday party we were throwing for the kids.

Normally I wouldn’t combine everyone’s birthday like that, but with a fourth birth on the way I decided it was just gonna have to be a joint celebration.

Besides, they don’t know any better at this age anyway.

I did a rainbow theme and made the kids rainbow cake in a jar.  Everyone else got cupcakes.

Since I’m absurdly pregnant, I didn’t have it in me to do the pin-worthy party of personalized cupcake toppers and centerpieces and all those other things that would have me featured on other blogs.

So I stuck with rainbow rows of balloons and sno-cones in every color.

Except that the gentle summer breeze made the balloons hit against the patio ceiling and popped all but three of them by the time the party started.

Amazing how listening to 68 balloons pop in rapid succession…68 balloons you blew up by MOUTH…can make a girl almost cry.

Also liable to make a girl cry?

Miss Thang’s new favorite hobby of emptying out every drawer she can get her grubby hands on.

Every. single. day.

I don’t know why I bother folding clothes anymore.

Miss Thang herself.

So fabulous.

And cute.

When she’s not emptying out every drawer in my house.

I’m a waffle girl.

Give me a big Belgian waffle over pancakes any day.

I’ve always coveted one of these , but could never justify dropping the money on something so frivolous.

Lucky for me I had some One Kings Lane credit and snagged this puppy up with my affiliate credits.

We’ve had waffles for dinner more than once.

Don’t judge.

Oh, and that little itty bitty giveaway I mentioned?

It’s for this bad boy.

An Oreck Magnesium upright AND the Ultimate Handheld vac. 

Worth 599 big ones.

Go HERE to enter.

You’re welcome in advance to the winner.

Now…grab a button, link up, and leave comment love on at least two other linker uppers!

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  1. 1

    “Kind of a Big Deal” is my fave!! I say that about myself a lot…people know me. (I love Ron Burgundy!)
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday!

  2. 2

    Love hydrangeas! Stinkin’ things don’t grow well in Idaho.
    Love the rainbow party!
    Love waffles! We eat them regularly too. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Faux Insta Friday: The Last One

  3. 3

    my 8 yo daughter does that when she’s looking for something to wear. Drives me crazy. I just close her door and walk away.
    Anne´s last blog post ..<< my week in review 06/22-28

  4. 4

    Great pictures! You know that you have been married for 10 years when you spend your anniversary shopping at Costco. :)
    Michelle @ One Crafty Mama´s last blog post ..Instagram Fridays – Summer Daze!

  5. 5

    1st time linking up!!!! Super fun.

    PS I *LOVE* hydrangeas! And cute rainbow desserts!

  6. 6

    New follower! I found your linky party and HAD to join! I love instagram. Thanks for hosting!
    Melissa @ The Dalton Gang´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday in Mississippi

  7. 7

    Can I just say… I’m just : saddened that Walty-poo isn’t actually going to be named Walter? I mean, c’mon… Walter Gibson? Tell me that doesn’t scream “future Supreme Court justice.”

  8. 8

    love the balloon decor! super creative and adorable!
    angela´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  9. 9

    i love you. and your fancy-cute rainbow party! sorry about the balloons :(
    hannah singer´s last blog post ..more terrific sponsors {and a giveaway!}

  10. 10

    You are so funny! Your writing is great. My daughter messes up her clothes so much, that I finally took 2/3 of her clothing away and put it in a trunk. Once she wears most of the clothes in her room, I replace it with different ones. Then, I wash the ones that she has used and put them back in the trunk. And she is 7. She just wasn’t getting the message!
    Joann@womaninreallife´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday, June 29

  11. 11

    Ah yes the lovely stage when a child dumps every item of clothes they own and you own over and over and over again. I think that might have been the stage of life when I switch the kids over from dressers to book shelves with plastic bins for their clothes. I had had enough!
    Victoria@Snailpactransformations´s last blog post ..Sunday Reads:The Fiddler

  12. 12

    Oh my! I love your waffle maker. Happy Anniversary. Ours was on the 20th. This is my first time linking up. Thanks for hosting. What a fun party!
    Kim´s last blog post ..instagrammin’ it

  13. 13

    hmmm – I’m sure hoping Miss Thang doesn’t keep getting away with emptying the drawers out. Is she not being punished?!? If the clothes come out of the drawer, then she would be wearing the same outfit until she put them back in the drawer folded.


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