Happy Friday!

We made it through another week!

What’d you do?

I want to see the simple, silly, and quirky moments from your week…but only using cell phone pics!

I have an iPhone and use Instagram (I’m jeannettg) but any grainy cell phone pics work just fine.

My kids loooooove kiwi.

In fact, I have to put them on a one kiwi per day limit or I’d be out of these hairy little fruits in a flash.

Apparently a certain someone (we won’t name names but it starts with an “L” and ends with an “ucy”) apparently tried to be sneaky and take a bite.

Certainly that weird fuzzy skin isn’t very appetizing since she put it right back in the fruit bowl…with a heart shaped bite mark.

These little Japanese balls of ice cream are so yummy.

If you’ve never had them, they are covered in this bizarre rice skin stuff that is slightly disgusting, but somehow really fun.

I can’t explain it.

Do you like Mochi too?

Sunday afternoon Andy and Henry went up flying for the afternoon with a friend.

My heart caught in my throat when I saw this bitty thing and pictured it propelling my two boys through the air.

Apparently though, this is a *really* nice plane…and it ain’t that small.  ::gulp::

Thing is, when your husband is an aerospace engineer, it’s kind of insulting to freak out that it’s going to fall out of the sky.  I mean, that’s like, what he does.

But oh my word.

This boy.

He has NOT stopped talking about “going on the plane with daddy”.

He said when the plane goes down and up it made his stomach feel funny.

And he wasn’t scared.  At all.

And that he wants to go again.  Tomorrow.

We had a standard well baby check thing for the girls and I saw this mag in the waiting room.


But wait…Do you STEP UP AND BE A LEADER?

And don’t forget to read all about the mix + match FASHION trends of the season!

Oh, and take a bunch of quizzes to see how you stack up!!!

Good grief.

Nope.  Not pressured at all.

Soooo…you know how they do that thing where they double a kid’s height at 2 years old and they can estimate how tall they will be as adults?

Jilly will be approximately 5’2″ (short people UNITE!!!).

And LuLu?  Six foot.  As in, they measured her twice to double check because she wasn’t even ON the charts.

(When Henry was two, it said he would be 5’9″.)

Not one but TWO desserts topped with ice cream and covered in hot fudge and other assorted deliciousness?


Share?  What?  I don’t remember signing up for that!

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn!

Grab a button, link up, and leave comment love on at least two other InstaFridayers!


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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 1

    Is it bad that I know exactly which restaurant you were at when you had those delicious desserts? Obsessed much?? By the way, the Molten is my absolute, hands-down favorite dessert of all time. To this day, I have never EVER looked up the calorie count because, well…yeah. :)
    April´s last blog post ..instaFriday!

  2. 2

    Small one is apparently going to be six feet (I’m 5’8 and her Daddy is 6’5). Just found you on instagram after reading these posts for awhile. I’m advntrsindinner by the way.

    I don’t have my instagram ready for today but if you pop by on Sunday it’ll be all set to share.

    LOVE the kiwi.

  3. 3

    I’ve never heard of that ice cream, but now I want some!

    I woulda freaked out if my baby went up in that plane. but then again, I let my child fly to sweden w/out me…
    Jodi´s last blog post ..InstaFriday & The Giveaway is Upon Us!

  4. 4

    Mmmm, that dessert looks amazing!! :)
    Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}´s last blog post ..hello, Friday.

  5. 5

    Both boys in a teeny plane? Gulp . . . . .

  6. 6

    oooh! Your husband is an aerospace engineer? That’s what my degree is in! Where does he work? I could never get a job in the field and now I stay at home with my kiddos, which was always a plan of mine anyway, but I’m nerdy enough to miss doing complicated math during the day. :)

    Love your blog! I’ve been lurking a bit since I found it before chrismas when you were raising money for Xander.
    Janice´s last blog post ..How Pinteresting…Highs and Lows by pin

    • 7

      Your comment about missing complicated math made me laugh out loud. I am so not a math person and helping my kids with algebra, advanced algebra and trig…is slowly killing me…not to mention physics…ugh!

  7. 8

    mmmMmmM kiwi! How funny it left a heart shaped bite mark, lol. That dessert… O.M.G. it had to be deliciously devilish! I’d be scared about the plane ride, too… no matter what my husband did, lol.

    happy friday!

  8. 9

    What a lovely week and a fun link up! Thanks for hosting this and letting us take a peek into your life! :) – Michelle
    SomGirl´s last blog post ..Love in Action… Striving for Growth

  9. 10

    hi there! i am new to instagram and iphone pics, so i thought i would link up this week! :) love looking through your pictures.
    Sara @ Seeing Purple Stars´s last blog post ..Our Week In IPhone/Instagram Photos

  10. 11

    We love Mochi too! I buy the chocolate flavored one when I can get to Trader Joe’s in Vegas.
    Now I want to look up my daughters’ height when they were 2. I think they will be tall. My 9 year old is up to my chin already.
    Nice to meet you. I followed the link from Teacher Girl’s blog.
    Jean´s last blog post ..Incredible Day in Vegas!

  11. 12

    We just got that same Mochi from TJs! The kids were so put off by the outer layer!
    Colleen´s last blog post ..bits of the life

  12. 13

    I think I’d be nervous sending my hubby & son up in a little plane like that too. ;)
    Your kids’ heights are all over the place, or will be. What’s up with that? haha. Kinda funny. Yum, those desserts look delish. Hope you enjoyed, how couldn’t you though.. really? Congrats too on the new baby! Such exciting news!
    Alyson @EisleyRae´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  13. 14

    I’m addicted to mochi! My brother in law is half Japanese so I get an inside-scoop on the best mochi, different types, etc. In fact, it’s what we served at my sister’s baby shower instead of cake!
    carey´s last blog post ..Friday Recipe: Buttermilk Quick Breads from The Kitchn

  14. 15

    I freaking LOVE mochi. The best ever. And the helicopter ride? My little guy would have thought he died and went to heaven! What an awesome treat!

    The heart shaped bite is pretty darling! I thought for sure you had created that until I read it! haha!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Insta Friday 1/20

  15. 16

    I’m intrigued by the ice-cream! So do you peel away the outer layer or do you eat that too?
    I would have probably gotten sick to my stomach if my husband and son were to go up in the plane. The pic of Henry inside looks like it was well worth it! Will you be signing Lucy up for basketball?!?!
    Also….This weekend, I’m making your tortilla soup for the second time in, ummmm…..two weeks!!!! It is so good and so easy!

  16. 17

    love your week. that magazine is ridiculous.
    krystina / lollipops´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  17. 18

    I don’t put to much stake into the height est. any longer. I was a bit worried when my kids were little.My oldest son {16 now} at age two was on chart to be a whopping 5″5″…he’s now just had a growth spurt and is 5’10” and still growning.

  18. 19

    Just lookin’ at that plane scares me! What a treat for your baby though!
    Joann@womaninreallife´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday in real life

  19. 20

    My son flew fairly young too! And now at 24 yrs old is taking flying lessons. ;-) FUN photos.
    Sherri S´s last blog post ..Week in Review via Pics

  20. 21

    CONGRATS PREGO! SO awesome!!! We are having 8 boys spend the night tonight so I will tell you what it’s like having that many kids :)
    Wendy Hagen´s last blog post ..InstaChicken Pox

  21. 22

    Ohmygoodness. I love the mochi ice cream. In fact at Pinkberry, that is the only topping I get.

    About the kiwi skin though. You really can eat that. Its like eating peach skin. And according to my mom’s grocer (long story) that part is super duper nutritious, like WOWSER nutritious. I recently made a fruit plate for a grown up party with skin-on kiwis (and a note to try it) and it was hilarious how everyone read the little sign, tried it, and had a “wow, it actually doesn’t taste fuzzy” look on their face!

  22. 23

    Hahah I love the heart shaped bite out of the kiwifruit, but yes, the hairy skin is definitely not very tasty!
    Thanks for running this linkup! :)
    Holly´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  23. 24

    Your boys are braver than me. I don’t think I would get on that plane. Just wow to that magazine. So ridiculous. I also love kiwi. I have never eaten the skin but after reading through the comments here, maybe I’ll try it. Thanks for hosting.
    Nicolette´s last blog post ..Memories Captured and Our Week via iPhone Pics

  24. 25

    what an exciting thing to do – at least for the boys. I’d be so nervous too if it was my guys going up :) I’m always tempted to try the Mochi at TJ’s but haven’t taken the plunge yet (see how daring I am?). Love the rainbow tights and rain boots. Love.

  25. 26

    Thanks for hosting! I feel the same way about Mochi! :) That is really cute about the kiwis. My daughters are both in the 5’8″ range (one is already@17 and one is almost there @12). I’m with the short people unite movement myself! Wow Flying!!! Impressive wingspan! :)

    Heather´s last blog post ..Friday Phone Dump Week 3

  26. 27

    That dessert looks awesome! We love those Mochi things from Trader Joe’s!
    Theresa´s last blog post ..This Week

  27. 28

    I can’t wait to participate in this link up on Friday!! :) I have some great pictures on Instagram that not alot of people see! iPhone users unite!! :)


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