Insta Friday

Are you new here?

InstaFriday is a fun way to document all the little bitty quirky things from your week.

Things that wouldn’t justify an entire blog post on their own, but put together capture what you were up to all week.

The big trick here though is that all pics are captured with my cell phone.

It’s all about low quality and funky filters (via the Instagram app for iPhone).

Anyone can link up…iPhone or not!

Henry’s swim class is finally over and the last day was especially miserable.

While he splashed around in the heated pool, I sat on the side bundled in a hooded sweatshirt freezing.


It was like the North Pole.

And then…it started RAINING.


At outdoor swim class!!!

I almost died of hypothermia.

You can see I got really dressed up for Easter festivities.

But my Rainbows are just too comfy!

Besides, I was wearing a cute grass green top with a posy pin on it.

So that’s pretty fancy!

This is the background on my phone for now.

It makes me happy.

Speaking of happy, this aisle at Home Depot makes me happy too.

One of each please!

But just one came home with me.

One that will match this pretty new oilcloth I bought.

For a little restoration project I’m working on.

Because being midway through a kitchen remodel is the PERFECT time to start thinking about a new project right?

Welcome to my brain.


Do you see what came?!


It’s one (of two) of my new pendant light fixtures from Barn Light Electric!

Porcelain enamel in pretty pretty jadeite?!


Also happening in my kitchen is the new discovery that is bleeding butterflies.





Butterflies are pretty and fluttery and happy.

An entire discussion on Facebook ensued after I posted this picture…that it wasn’t blood but meconium…or was it lubricant…or someone said it was leftover tissues and coloring.

Butterfly afterbirth.

::dry heave::

I realize that this very junior high reaction is a bit ridiculous coming from a grown woman…a grown woman who has birthed three children (and posted pictures of her c-section no less!)…

…but it caught me by surprise.

And with that, I will allow myself one, final ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!


For an entirely different reason.


Why’s he looking at me like that?!

I’m not even gonna go there.

I’m just gonna leave this one right here.

Y’all can discuss as you wish.

A few points to note:  the name of the product.  that it’s for men.  that it was on clearance for $2.50.


Okay, you’re turn!  I wanna see what you were doing all week!  This isn’t about pretty pictures with just the right amount of bokeh and the perfect combination of apperture and shutter speed.

Grainy = Good!

Link up, grab a button, and visit one another!

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  1. 1

    You crack me up. Nads has been around foreva. This is the first time I have ever seen it marketed to men though. It is Nasty stuff.

    • 2

      I’ve seen the Nads stuff around forever, and when it first came out I giggled like an 8th grader. Nads?! Really?! (Apparently its named after the inventor’s daughter Natalie or something…but someone needed to tell her of the other conotation.)

      I have yet to outgrow the giggling when I see Nads on shelves…and to see it in connection with marketing to MEN??? Dead. Dead. Dead. Not okay. ;)

  2. 3

    Hey, just a quick comment to say hi. I love your blog. Love that you live *kinda* close by and am thankful for your heart. Jesus radiates through you and its awesome.

    I tried to find a cool instagram type app for my Droid to no avail. Boo. And, it seems that blogging is just not in the cards for me right now. But hopefully soon. So while you cannot catch up on my life I do still enjoy snip bits of yours.

    P.S. I am in Santa Cruz area if you were wondering. :)

    • 4

      Aw! Thanks for saying hi! I appreciate your sweet words…thank you so much! Great little pick me up this morning as I drank my coffee!

      P.S. Love Santa Cruz. :)

  3. 5

    I love this! Someday I will have a smart phone and will be able to join you!

  4. 6

    Your blog is amazing. I am so enjoying all your blog posts. I wanted to join insta friday this week.
    gin´s last blog post ..This week

  5. 7

    I just found out about this link up…love it! I’ll post your button. And the nads… ew.
    Jenny´s last blog post ..The Week In Instagrams