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With school looming around the corner, I went about the task of organizing the kids art/school supply cabinet.

I love the rainbow colors.  And the smell of new crayons.  And how pretty new color pencils are.  And the aisles of new gear in every store.

And basically I’m a complete nerd.

Jilly needed a lunch bag for preschool.

Rainbow owls?

Easy decision.

Except that now I feel like Lucy’s plain pink tote is super boring and I need to get her a new one.

Target, you are the death of me sometimes.

This chick’s new favorite thing ever is to empty out anything and everything.

Drawers.  Cabinets.  Bins.  Boxes.

I swear that she single handedly makes the biggest messes than anyone else in this house.

But it’s kinda hard to get mad at her since they work on “take it out” at therapy…I’ve kindly instructed them to get going on “put it back in”.

Undercover naughty.

I made my very first trip to Costco with all four kids last week.

The kids were borderline angels.  So so so so good.

I mean, let’s not mention the death threats in the car the whole drive over.

Or the death threats in the parking lot.

Or the death threats at the entrance.

Or the general Mom Stink Eye through every aisle.

But still.  They were really good.

(Thank you inventor of the Ergo.  You make my life mucho easier-0.)

So good, in fact, that I thought I’d reward them with a 79 cent treat.

I don’t always reward good behavior (after all, isn’t that what you’re SUPPOSED to do?!)…but it’s worth it sometimes.

Besides, I had a hankering for soft serve.

It all works out.

Don’t judge.

And could you just die at how gorgeous this girl’s hair is?! Love.

Sleepy baby.

Who really hates to be anywhere but in my arms if he’s even remotely awake.

But sometimes I can trick him into sitting in this baby papasan chair for a few minutes so I can actually get something done.

It usually doesn’t last real long, but I’ve learned to be speedy fast.

Plus, I like how his little thigh rolls get all scrunched up when he’s in it.

Every night we tuck the girls in bed.

We close the door and don’t come back again until morning.

And every night, as soon as that door closes, Lucy hops out of bed and gets her clothes out for the next day and puts them out at the end of her bed.

Every. Single. Night.

I have no idea where she learned this.  I don’t put out my clothes.  Nor does Andy.  She just sort of started doing it on her own randomly.

My kids are weird.  And neurotic apparently.

Every night it is the same song and dance with this boy.

He fusses and whines and fights his sleep all evening.  Arches his back.  Kicks his chubby little legs.  Makes ugly faces.  And is all around kind of a pain in the rear.

And oh how tired he is!  You can just see it in his big ol’ eyes!

And every evening is kinda exhausting for me and Andy.  Like clockwork he fights and fights to sleep.  We take turns bouncing and shushing and patting.

BUT.  I’m totally okay with it.  No bigs.

Because once he falls asleep…he is down and out for the count.

As in, until the next morning.

Yes, my five week old baby is sleeping through the night.  Fully.  As in, I don’t hear a peep from him until 5:30 in the morning…he nurses and goes right back to sleep until about 8.

Oh yes, yes he does.

And I can brag about this because after being woken up SIX TIMES A NIGHT when my girls would take turns waking up three times each…

I totally get if you hate me.  Heck, I would hate me.

But I have paid my dues, my friends.  I have paid my dues.

(Now watch, I’ve totally jinxed myself and ruined it by blogging about it.)

Alrighty, it’s your turn!  Grab a button (in my sidebar), link up and visit one another!!!

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  1. 1

    Lovely pictures :) so sweet how your daughter gets here clothes out every night …thanks for hosting :)
    claire´s last blog post ..17/08 Link Up Your Favourite Posts Of The Week : Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop…

  2. 2

    that lunch bag is so cute. i kinda want one for work :)
    elizabeth´s last blog post ..high 5 for inst-friday

  3. 3

    Oh how I love school supply shopping…that owl lunch bag is too cute! You deserved that ice cream after taking four kiddos to the store alone! I feel accomplished after making it through with two! ;) And that is SO awesome that your little man is STTN!
    mandy @ this girl’s life´s last blog post ..{instagram friday}

  4. 4

    I love the smell of new crayons, too! And I enjoy your wry humor every week. Thank you so much for hosting us time and time again. Okay, now off to actually write my post and get linked up.
    kelli´s last blog post ..a couple of books for your reading list. . . . .

  5. 5

    i LOVE the smell of crayons. so i guess that makes me a nerd too. that’s such a cute lunch bag for Jill!

    2 out of my 3 kids had “take out therapy” Francesca’s was emptying all the toys out and scattering them ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Brockman likes to lay down and dump his toy box onto himself and other things like emptying diaper packs, and he loves the utensil drawer, i still can’t find my tongs…
    Krystina / lollipops´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  6. 6

    You are a brave woman taking four kids shopping. I’m glad it worked out. And baby is a dream sleeping through the night. Fingers crossed for you! :)

  7. 7

    I hope by some miracle my kids will have adorable curly hair like your daughters! My husband and I both have straight hair, but I love little kids with curly hair!
    Ameryn´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday fun time!

  8. 8

    Love how Lucy gets out her clothes, so cute! That is AWESOME that Owen is sleeping all night, and you’re toatlly right you;ve earned it ;)
    I wanted to comment about Jilly starting preschool so I’ll just do it here..I can’t even imagine your anxiety on letting her go on the bus! How amazing that she people checking on her and letting you know :) amazing! It made me smile to imagine her just walking in like she did it all before, so cute!
    I don’t even feel like I can give advice but I guess more like a thought?? If you ever feel you’re missing too much or things are just going to quickly; keep her home more, without a second guess. This week my youngest started kindergarten and it has prob been one of the HARDEST things I’ve ever had to go through as a momma. It made me realize how ridiculously fast it goes, it made me regret not savoring the time more. Don’t be me! ;) sorry for the longest comment EVER! xo

  9. 9

    so glad O sleeps through the night for you. Yes, you’ve totally earned it. … Laughed about the grocery store trip. That is a huge milestone. Soft serve all around. Yay! Have a great week.
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review 8/10-16

  10. 10

    just found your blog. love it. def linking up. and I would LOVE if my daughter did that everynight lol that is the cutest thing ever!
    Libby´s last blog post ..All is Well.

  11. 11

    I’m loving that lunch tote.. linked up! Happy Weekend!! :o)
    PeaceLoveTerri´s last blog post ..instafriday.

  12. 12

    i need that lunch bag. need.
    lissa – wander´s last blog post ..instafriday

  13. 13

    I think one of the benefits of having more kids is that when they go through that I’m not going to sleep phase you realize it is just a phase and will end. Doesn’t make the lack of sleep easier, but it does help to know the end is around the corner.
    Michelle @ One Crafty Mama´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  14. 14

    Your kids = too stinking cute.

    Both my daughter and I lay out our clothes every night.

    Neurotic? Nope. Organized!

  15. 15

    I am a GIANT sucker for school supplies! Enough so that my husband puts them in my stocking every year!

  16. 16

    Awww I love the pic of you baby boy, he is so adorable!! That’s great he’s sleeping through the night!
    Allie ~ This Yellow House´s last blog post ..Photo a day challenge weekly update

  17. 17

    I am loving the picture with the kiddos at Costco.. You can see all their little personalities. It is quite adorable! Thanks for hosting…InstaFriday is one of my favorite blog posts to participate it. Take Care!!
    Kristi´s last blog post ..InstaFriday (my favorite post ever!)

  18. 18

    The first line of your post made me laugh! My phone is permanently in my back pocket! hahaha
    Jo-Anna´s last blog post ..Macadamia Nut & Maple Roasted Salmon

  19. 19

    5 weeks old baby sleeping through the night…yes please!!
    Charissa Steyn´s last blog post ..What I Don’t Want {I Think}

  20. 20

    Linking up to this linky for the first time. Love a good linky :) Looks like a lot of people agree, what a lot of folk are joining in!
    What a lovely little family you have, fab pictures.
    I dont want to miss a thing so i have subscribed to your lovely stories x
    notsosuperscottishmummy´s last blog post ..Saturday is Caption Day 18th August 2012

  21. 21

    School supplies are my favorite…even if it’s not the beginning of the school year. I’m pretty sure I could buy notebooks and pens in a variety of colors and styles and be completely content. :)
    Courtney Kirkland´s last blog post ..So, You Want to Start a Design Business?


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