Ways to Donate to St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser

Our current series is on Childhood Cancer.

You can read all the posts HERE.

If you’d like to donate to our fundraiser, there are three ways you can help!

There are a few ways you can donate…and they are all AWESOME.


1.  Donate directly to St. Baldrick’s.  Any amount you want.  You can click to donate by CREDIT CARD.  If PayPal is easier, you can click the little yellow donate button below.  See?  We made it easy.  Boom.


2.  Buy pretty jewelry.  $6 of the sale of each of these pieces is donated directly to St. Baldrick’s.  You know you want one.  All the cool kids will be wearing them.
3.  A Joy’s Hope printable?  Obvs.  50% of the sale of every printable is donated.

4.  Do all three.  It would be a trifecta of happy goodness.  Which is pretty much the best kind of happy.


Also, help us spread the word.  FB, pin, tweet, blog, stumble, tumble.  This is how we rock social media.  To CURE CANCER.

(or help fund it anyway…)

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