Our Normal – April Kennedy {special needs}

{if you are new here, check this out to see what we are all about.} April is a sweet friend in real life. In fact, she was one of my roommates at Blissdom last year! April is a kick...and … [Read more...]

When Matthias Was Born – Lisa Leonard {special needs}

{new here?  click here to read a little about what we are doing and feel free to share your story here.} Lisa is a dear friend of mine. In fact, her family was probably the first I truly got to … [Read more...]

Meant For It All Along – Amy Jupin {special needs}

Today continues our series of guest bloggers sharing their story of special needs. Amy is smack in the middle of big big things. I was so excited when she agreed to write here. I'm so … [Read more...]

What is YOUR story? {special needs}

[Read more...]

A Million Things – Jess Johnson {special needs}

{New here?  Today begins a series on Special Needs with guest bloggers sharing their hearts and journeys.  We do things like this around here.  It's good stuff.} Jess is one of those internet friends … [Read more...]

Introducing the Special Needs Series & Fundraiser

{Are you new here?  See this for more info on what we do here.} Monday begins the next series here at Life. Rearranged: Special Needs. Women from around the blogosphere will be sharing their … [Read more...]