The DeGroot Home Needs Our Help

The DeGroot Home is a nursing home facility for special needs children in my area that needs our help. Wait. Let me start over.  Because that doesn't tell the story quite … [Read more...]

9 Kinder Ways to Discuss Special Needs With Your Kids

As a mom to a child with a visible disability, I navigate the waters of wandering the grocery store aisle with stares, hushing questions, and that awkward "don't stare...don't stare...see?  I'm not … [Read more...]

Disneyland’s Guest Access Card Changes & Physical Disabilities

The Disney drama.  I'm sure you are well aware of it all.  If you haven't heard, I'd like to know what cave you live in.  (Mostly because I want to come visit.  And perhaps take up residence alongside … [Read more...]

Thank YOU

I've hosted a fundraiser or two in my day. And never, have I just let one end with no fanfare, no excitement, no grand announcements as I did the last one we just did for Free Wheelchair Mission in … [Read more...]

Use Another Word – Ellen Seidman {special needs}

{Are you new here?  This is part of a series of guest posts on special needs.  Read here for more info and feel free to share your story here.} (source) I met Ellen at Blissdom last year. She … [Read more...]


I just wanted to pop in for a bit today and remind everyone about the fundraiser we have going on right now. Free Wheelchair Mission is AMAZING. Truly life changing. And not in that "Missoni … [Read more...]

Special Family – Anissa Mayhew {special needs}

{New here?  Click here to see what we're doing.} Anissa is a mother of three. A mama to a child diagnosed with the C word. And then...found herself in a wheelchair. She blogs at Free … [Read more...]

A Plan Set in Motion – Sunday Stilwell {special needs}

{new here? this post is part of a series on special needs. read here for more info.} Sunday blogs over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood, but I really know her from Twitter. Where her tweets are … [Read more...]