I literally cried. Tears.

From laughing. So hard. Dying. Just dying.   … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

There are two things you should know about me: 1) I am cheap. 2) I am not original. Awesome way to introduce a post, right? Let me say a little more about Point #1:  I'm not a … [Read more...]

The Way to My Heart

So, remember how I told you all about how I can't eat off of colored plates? How they have to be plain white? And I admitted freely that I realized how neurotic that was? Well, my neurosis … [Read more...]

When Color Makes Me Gag.

I recently found myself shopping from a friend's wedding registry. Specifically, for some fabulously multi-colored Fiestaware. *swoon* All those happy, bright, saturated colors of … [Read more...]

Kitchen Gadget Goodness

Last week, awaiting me in my mailbox was this: A brand new, pages weren't even so much as bent, crisp Sur La Table catalog. My heart skipped a beat. (And no, I'm not being literary.  It … [Read more...]

Ain’t She Puuuurty?!

For those of you reading through email feed or a reader, you're gonna have to click over to my actual blog today. Here, I'll wait for you. Go on now. . . . YAY!  HI! Life … [Read more...]

On Hobbies, Succulents, and Rusty Goodness.

For years, I've wished I had a hobby. Something I could do that didn't involve going to the grocery store or the bank on my time alone. Don't get me wrong, I have a good life. And frankly, … [Read more...]

Wide Open Spaces

There was once a girl from the 'burbs of Los Angeles. Miles and miles of concrete, asphalt and shopping malls. And then she went off to college...only 200 miles away...but millions of lifestyle … [Read more...]