InstaFriday on a FRIDAY!

Every week we tell the stories behind the filtered photos. And we share them here, usually, or at least intended for Friday.  Except that perhaps this blogger can be flaky so maybe sometimes it's … [Read more...]

Insta…Just Whatever Man.

  I realize I've kinda fallen off the face of the blogging world, but there are a couple of things: 1) Insomnia is still hanging out like a true champ.  Melatonin worked for a while, but … [Read more...]


InstaFriday where we tell the stories behind the filtered photos. (I'm jeannettg on instagram if you want to follow) In no particular order: Our dogs are getting old. So old and … [Read more...]

InstaFriday (the long version)

Last week, I was so busy getting my post about our trip to the fire department up, I honestly forgot it was Friday.  And by the time I realized I had my days all jumbled, I figured I could just … [Read more...]

InstaFriday (mini itty bitty tiny edition)

  I didn't insta much this week, and those that I did, I actually have plans to use them in like, actual POSTS, so instead I'll share one.  Of cute shoes. RAINBOW GLITTER shoes. I saw … [Read more...]


I really, really, really hate painting. But I can't hang with white walls. I know that white walls are the Thing right now. And I tried.  Really, I did.  I can see the allure: crisp, fresh, … [Read more...]


InstaFriday: where we tell the stories behind the grainy pictures. Join us! (I'm jeannettg on Instagram if you want to follow!) A friend of mine is on bedrest and I offered to take her … [Read more...]


FRIDAYYYYYYY! Whirlwind week for us.  All Good Stuff, but still LOTS on the plate. (I'm jeannettg on Insta if you want to follow) Many, many months ago...well before I had any inkling that … [Read more...]