My Friend’s Child Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer: 75 Ways to Help

As Vanessa and I talked about the series she wrote for us last month on childhood cancer, we wanted to wrap it up with some tangible suggestions for how you can be an encouragement to families … [Read more...]

The time his heart stopped. Three times. {Vanessa Hart – Childhood Cancer}

When Jeannett introduced this series she said: "I didn't just want a timeline of their cancer story. I wanted to hear their cancer STORY. I want to have a teeny tiny peek into their hearts." And … [Read more...]

We’re Not Finished Fighting {Vanessa Hart – Childhood Cancer}

I'm exhausted. I had something else to tell you about today, but it will have to wait because yesterday was one of the most exciting and emotionally draining days of my life. For 6 weeks, I have … [Read more...]

It’s When the Whole World Knows {Vanessa Hart – Childhood Cancer}

This is the second post in a fundraiser and series on Childhood Cancer. * * * * Here's a secret: I don't want to shave my head. There are moments when it sounds appealing. Like this … [Read more...]

Brock Had Cancer. {Vanessa Hart – Childhood Cancer}

This is Vanessa's first guest post.  I just read it.  Like, right before I wrote these very sentences of introduction. I am numb from shock...sadness...just numb. This mama?  She is brave.  She … [Read more...]

A New Series.

Childhood Cancer. I know. I know. Look, of all the series I've hosted, this is the one that I've avoided like the Plague. As in, intentionally, deliberately avoided it. Not that infant … [Read more...]

You Think You Know – Jess {What the Baby Books Don’t Tell You}

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On Stretching – Cheri {What the Baby Books Don’t Tell You}

If you are new here, this post is part of a series answering the prompt "What the Baby Books Didn't Tell You".  There is also an opportunity for YOU to answer the prompt in your own words (and enter … [Read more...]