If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Jilly had a seizure yesterday at preschool. She was sick over the weekend, and fell off a chair and hit her head.  Both of which are seizure … [Read more...]

A Carefree Voice {epilepsy}

Happy Monday, Life Rearranged readers. My name is Jessica. I'm married to a pastor. We planted a church three years ago. We have three daughters. Our middle child is deaf. I like summer. And … [Read more...]

Famous People with Epilepsy

  Julius Caesar. Napoleon of France. Harriet Tubman. Fyodor Dostoevsky. Bud Abbott of Abbott & Costello. Prince.  Or formerly known as. Margaux Hemingway. Neil … [Read more...]

What epilepsy is. What epilepsy isn’t.

This post is part of a series on epilepsy.   I've said it over and over here: seizures are not all the jerking and convulsing "Grand Mal" you see on TV and movies. There are drop seizures. … [Read more...]

We are not giving up… {epilepsy}

Today's post is part of an ongoing series on epilepsy.  Laurie has been a long time Life Rearranged reader, and I knew when I decided to tackle this topic, I had to ask her to share her story.  Doose … [Read more...]

Our Roller Coaster {epilepsy}

A few days after Jill's first seizure, we went to church. A woman I vaguely recognized cooed over my girls, then not yet 1, and then leaned over, whispering "Did you hear what happened with the … [Read more...]

Front Row Seats – {epilepsy series}

Today's post is part of a series on epilepsy, and is written by Katie.  Her brother John has epilepsy, and being a mama to more than one, I'm always extra interested in hearing what adult siblings of … [Read more...]

Journey Into the Unknown – Elizabeth Flora Ross {epilepsy}

  Today's post is written by Elizabeth Flora Ross, author of the blog The Writer Revived and founder of The Mom Pledge. You can see all of the posts on the epilepsy series here. My … [Read more...]