I Guess There’s Only 8 Planets Now…

A little background: My husband is an engineer. Art, drawing, and anything that uses the right side of the brain are either lost on him entirely, or he's completely uninterested. I wouldn't … [Read more...]

The Time I Didn’t Punch My Sewing Machine

I have an announcement to make. This is big people. You ready? Sitting down? Yesterday.... I made eight pillow covers. EIGHT!!!! Now for all your crafty types out there who are … [Read more...]

My Spraypainting Ways

{Free printable from 30 Handmade Days} I like me some spraypaint. Oftentimes I'll go a really long time without doing it. And then, I'll do one thing...and it's like Frito Lay chips...you can't … [Read more...]

Family Rules Canvas

Back when Lindsey did a post about her BFF's family rules canvas a couple of years ago, I knew it was something I had to re-create. It's just right up my alley. I'm all about clear … [Read more...]

A Special Gift for Grandma

I was raised by my Grandma as a kid. My Avó. (P.S. that's Portuguese for grandma.) And my Avó carries, without a doubt, the most precious place in my heart. She can buy me the most hideous … [Read more...]

Random Project: Chalkboard

I've always liked having some kind of eraseable board in or near the kitchen. It's easier than frantically looking for a scrap of paper and pen to jot down phone numbers or notes while on the phone. … [Read more...]