Poppin’ In.

Just got in at midnight last night. Took Henry to Disneyland yesterday...for the FIRST TIME. So fun. Soooo fun. Just mama, daddy and Henry time.  (The girls stayed with … [Read more...]

Bloggy Real Estate – GIVEAWAY

I'm sure you've noticed, but I just wanted to point out that we've raised a heck of a lot of money for the Cliffmeister so far! And you wanna know how we did it? 1) God.  Crazy.  He is good.  So … [Read more...]

Got Shop?

Just popping in super quick today... I've got a plan up my sleeve to help spread the word even MORE about Cliffy. It involves giving stuff away.  Which is always fabulous, right? Got a … [Read more...]

{Brianna Heldt} a big, huge, unexpected, forever sort of way

Brianna is a friend in real life.  Except that instead of living 5 miles from me, she up and moved to stinky Denver.  And that's just poopy. Brianna and Kevin were the *first* people I had ever … [Read more...]

Give it away, give it away, give it away NOW!

Cliffy is a bona fide ROCK STAR. I will have you know. #teamcliff is blowing up Twitter like no one's business. Even MckMama tweeted about it to her ahem, 21,000+ followers!  Woop … [Read more...]

{Kelle Hampton} this is it

Remember how I told you that over the next month, I'd be hosting fabulous guest bloggers in support of our fundraiser for Baby Cliff? A natural choice was Kelle Hampton.  Otherwise known as Lainey … [Read more...]

Make Christmas Count for Cliff

***If you are reading this after the fact, please scroll through the Cliff category and read about how this fundraiser progressed.  Our final fundraising tally was a whopping $9,458.00 and a family is … [Read more...]