Sunday Smiles

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InstaFriday…on a Saturday

    Yeah, yeah.  I know. A day late, {lots of} dollars short. No bad reason for being late, really. Slept in (meaning I woke up at 6:30), and never had a chance to get back to … [Read more...]

On being “an emotional girl”. {Kimmie Ess}

This post is fourth in a series on depression. Kimmie blogs at hello m[ess].  Her photos are to die for.  Her little Frankie is just a few weeks younger than Owen.  Which basically screams … [Read more...]

Passing the Bed. {Heather King}

This post is third in a series on depression. When people ask Heather, What do you do, she says, I Mom a lot. Sometimes she adds that she's also a freelance writer and a Listen To Your … [Read more...]

Blindsided by Depression {Jenny Rapson}

This post is second in a series from a variety of bloggers on depression. Jenny Rapson is a wife and mom to three kids ages 10, 7, and 3 who was born, bred, and resides in Dayton, Ohio. She has been … [Read more...]

Postpartum Depression & The Casserole Famine {Katherine Stone}

  Today's post is the first in a series from bloggers around the web on depression. Katherine Stone is the founder of Postpartum Progress Inc. , a national nonprofit focused on raising … [Read more...]

Link Love

Waiting Tables.  (That's me.  Over at Megan's.  Stop by and say hi?) Behind the Scenes: Pantene Commercial.  This is actually an old post (actually, it's a four part series) from Sarah.  Somehow I … [Read more...]


Well, hello there friends! It's Friday!!!!! This is where we share the stories behind the grainy pictures and remember that it really IS the little things. Join me!   (I'm … [Read more...]

Doll Wheelchair – EEK!

Good Morning friends! Just a super quick note this to share this...I just couldn't resist! Remember how I wrote a post for titled "9 Kinder Ways to Discuss Special Needs With Your … [Read more...]

Wait. I thought I was avoiding this.

If you remember, I wrote a whole post hemming and hawing about organized sports and how I don't love the idea of them invading our Saturdays and rushing around like crazies and spending hours on end … [Read more...]