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Every week we tell the stories behind the filtered photos.

And we share them here, usually, or at least intended for Friday.  Except that perhaps this blogger can be flaky so maybe sometimes it’s InstaSaturday or even InstaSunday if you’re real lucky.

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A few weeks ago, my girl and I wandered aimlessly through a few antique shops.

She swooned at every dainty tea set and told me stories of the grand tea parties she would have if she owned it.

For as stunning as the gold leaf set she was eyeing was, at $80, I wasn’t really ready to plunk down that kind of money for what would become a child’s plaything.

Fast forward a few weeks later when I was wandering Goodwill trying to plan ahead for Halloween costumes (who am I kidding, 98% of it will be hot glued the day of the 31st).  I found this (incomplete) but still huge set of real, grown up china for only $12!  I also found a little silver teapot/serving set for $5.

I washed them all by hand and she dried them.  Suddenly 10 years older.  We chatted.  She borrowed some almond milk, sugar, and disappeared for several hours.

It’s fun to find ways to indulge your kids but still teach them about patience, and good stewardship.

It’s not so fun to see how fast time is flying right past you.


This kid.

He’s a handful of Crazy, but at least he can spread the Gospel while he’s doing it, right?

(shirt from Riley Clay Designs.  Not sponsored.  Bought it with my own dollars.)


You know something?  I never sit down.  Like, pretty much ever.  And if I do, it’s usually behind a computer screen writing or emailing or you know, wasting.

But my bum very rarely graces my couch cushions.  There’s always something to be done.  A diaper to be changed.  A fight to break up.  A jar of Martha Stewart glitter to be vacuumed.

Yesterday I had about a million more things than usual to get done.  But instead, I thought “Hey, I never sit on our couch.  I should try that.  Like, RIGHT NOW.”

And then somehow, it was like I was glued right down.  Y’all, my couch is COMFY.  Who knew?

Also, I find this photo hysterically misleading.  My house looks all clean and Just So.  Truth is, I’m in yogas and a tee.  I don’t think I had brushed my hair (messy pony unite!).  The sunflowers are half dead and the moldy water was stinking up the room.  There is a 75 piece puzzle strewn on the coffee table and floor just out of the shot.  Two sets of roller blades and helmets lay just on the other side of the coffee table.  And there’s a wet diaper balled up next to me.  Also two pairs of mismatched socks that went traipsing through the dirt hill in the back.  But dude, my house looks gooooooood.

Cropping is a modern day miracle my friends.


I got an email this week from the folks at the Walk to End Epilepsy.

They thought they’d share their official poster for this year with me.

That’s my girl.  (And Tess.  Because of course it’s Tess.  If you know Tess, you know how perfect this is.  Because Tess loves herself some Tess.  But then again, we all do.)

Speaking of the Walk…have you ordered your shirt and/or wristband yet?

Orders close on October 20th, so it’s a fairly tight timeline this year.

Don’t be left out!  It’s a super fun day of social media sharing and awareness, and it’s a great way to raise money for the cause!  (100% of proceeds go to our team page for the Walk.  The specific dollar amount will vary depending on how many shirts we sell.  The more shirts, the cheaper they will cost, the more money we can donate.  Yay!)

Your turn! What’d you do this week?


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  1. 1

    Cropping is awesome, isn’t it? And comforting for the rest of us who can’t keep their coffee tables clean! Have a great weekend!

  2. 2
    lindsey - the pleated poppy says:

    i’m just impressed with the painted toe nails!

  3. 3

    Thank goodness for that crop tool, right? I love the coffee table. Such a soft, pretty shade of yellow. That nugget of yours is the cutest. And I LOVE that you bought the full set of dishes. So much for for your sweet girl.

  4. 4

    That yellow is so cheerful!

    I was off for a few days, then worked and now it’s the weekend! Family bbq at the inlaws house in NorCal with some out-of-state cousins. Family time = best time.