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A friend of mine is on bedrest and I offered to take her girls for a playdate so she could have a break.

This is how I sent them home.

Not entirely sure how helpful that was…

Except I found out that the owner of these little muddy shoes took a 3 hour nap.

I’d call that a success.


Living in the country has been so good for this boy.

He catches assorted frogs, lizards and bugs.  And has discovered that my pretty mason jar lids…the ones I bought on etsy for Pinterest worthy parties…makes a perfect bug catcher lid.

It’s not so much that I’m so “go with the flow” but that  I’m “too lazy” to help him poke holes in a regular lid.

Also, how cute are the dogs in this picture?  I just noticed them.  They’re loving this place too.

{P.S. He releases all creatures within a few minutes.  In case PETA is reading.  But really.  We make him.  Although he did recently ask me if he could catch a Road Runner and keep it as a pet.  No and no.}


“Look Mommy!  It’s Professor McGonagall!”

The cat looks none too pleased, but I thought it was brilliant.


I was hiding.

I didn’t share.

You do it too.  Don’t lie.


I need to plant an avocado tree.

Because I could eat this every. single. day.  (Let’s ignore the fact that my tree wouldn’t  actually grow avocados for several years.  Perhaps this is why they are so danged expensive.)

Owen and Jill love it too…in fact, Porkchop mostly uses his chip as a spoon.

Guacamole and sushi: his two favorite foods.  Weird kid.

photo (16)

Most surreal part of this entire move?


And said friends can literally text me at 9:30 in the morning and be over less than half an hour later because said friends live less than a mile away.

The 20-30 miles difference before made stuff like this so cumbersome.  Gas is expensive…the drive time both ways ate up so much of our “playdate window”…and inevitably it ruined naps because kids fell asleep in the car and THE AFTERNOON WAS RUINED by grumpy cat status kids.

Now?  We have people popping by on the regular.  AND I LOVE IT.  I didn’t feel isolated when we lived further away…but now I realize how much I was.  This is so good for us.  On so many levels.

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  1. 1
    Jillian says:

    Guac and sushi might be my favorite foods too! Owen and I would get along well!!

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    yay for friends close by!

  3. 3

    I love the frog in the jar. Ha! Also, I totally hide chocolate – or any treat I want to eat – from the rest of the family. Otherwise it will be gone before I get a chance to enjoy it.