Blogging has been sloooooow this week.

But when the Porkchop has discovered how to climb out of his crib and let himself out of his room well before the appointed hour of 7, trying to form a coherent thought is dicey.  At best.

But the show much go on…with InstaFriday!

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Did I need another pair of brown wedges?

Define “need”.

Because bows.


I won this clutch in an auction supporting Julie’s trip to Africa.

I got it last week.

And I want to marry it.

So, so, so happy.



With lots of showings of our house, we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time at local parks.

So much so that the kids are even sick of going to parks at this point.

Long story short, I walked around to my trunk area to get Jill’s walker out for her physical therapy session.  To find that it wasn’t there.

I had left it at the park.  The day before.

I burst into tears at the realization that I had forgotten something so vitally important to her.  It was replaceable.  We could buy another.  But it’s her ONE THING, you know?  And I forgot it.  Mama guilt is real.  Even when you know you shouldn’t be.  But what your head says doesn’t always line up with your heart feels.

But there it was.  Exactly where we left it.



Father’s Day included church.  And I was struck by how many ways there are to indulge in God’s word.

Andy on his Bible app.  Henry with the Action Bible, colorfully illustrated.  And then me with my basic, good old fashioned regular paper version.

Everyone fed the way they need to be.


Empty cupboards are meant for laying in, right?

He climbs right in and closes the door behind him.  And then waves and says hi.

I mean, really people.  I have to just laugh.

And then turn the cabinet around so that the doors face the wall.  Good grief, child.


Not much I can do about the giant pile of boxes in the garage, except regularly peel him down from the tippy top.

That stack of boxes is almost as tall as I am.  Admittedly, I’m short, but still.

The kid has no sense of “you know, maybe that’s not a great idea…”

And then he waves and says hi.

Good grief, child.


I mentioned he’s discovered climbing out of his crib.  Just days before we move to a new house.  So convenient.

Which means that he gets up much too early.  And on this day skipped nap completely.

So when he passed out on the couch watching Lego Movie (which he has NEVER EVER EVER done), I wanted to rustle him awake.  Punk.

My new favorite though?  When I put him down for nap, I sternly say “DO NOT COME OUT OF YOUR ROOM.  Night night, Owen!”

And then a few minutes later, I hear a little knock from the inside of his bedroom door.

He stayed in.  The room.  Perhaps I need to specify his crib.

Good grief, child.

Your turn!  Tell me the stories behind your filtered pictures!  Link up friends!

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  1. 1

    How adorable is Porkchop! Thank you for sharing those awesome pics of your kids. Love to see and hear what adventures you are up to

    Hope your move goes smoothly!

  2. 2
    Alyson M says:

    Owen is just too cute. I mean, all of your kids are. But, he’s so sneaky isn’t he? I absolutely adore the picture of him on top of the boxes. So cute! And, where are the shoes from!? They’re fabulous!

  3. 3

    I can imagine the way you felt forgetting, it seems like the busier I get the more I forget. But I knowmore than half of my busy (and yours) is doing for the kids so give yourself a big break!

  4. 4

    Jeanette! Try a sleep sack with Owen! You can get really big toddler size ones on amazon. It solves the problem for 90% of my clients! Kerrin

  5. 5

    This is going to sound odd but it’s such a blessing that you didn’t realise you’d forgotten the walker until the next day. Jilly obviously didn’t need it in the meantime, look how far she has come!