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His new favorite thing in all the land is to go into the chicken coop.

Which is really super unsanitary.

But, it’s kinda funny too.

And oddly tempting.


I packed up 99.999999999% of the kids’ toys…oh, about  a month ago.

The thing was, I realized that if our current home was on the market, having toys to pick up and straighten was only going to make my job 8 million times harder for showings.  So, I boxed them all up.

As a result, my kids have had to get really creative to play.

In this case, I was banished upstairs while they put together this little party.

They used a blanket as a tablecloth and shopped the rest of the house for fresh flowers and other “decor”.

Please note the items taped to the wall with packing tape and how each napkin has a fresh cut flower on it.

Makes a crafty mama’s heart swoon.

Related: I’m fairly certain at least 60% of the toys may never see the light of day at the new house.  They’ve hardly missed them.  And that’s just embarrassing.


The morning of the wedding, I laid everything out meticulously.  And prayed.  HARD.  It felt like a silly thing to pray for, with world hunger and all, but I figured that God knew I was stressing about it anyway.  Might as well throw it out there.

Because y’all, the rehearsal was a DISASTER.  Owen literally laid down in the middle of the aisle and cried.  Lucy sulked. Henry complained that he was withering away from starvation.  Jill wanted to stand in front of the bride.  Because it’s all about her.  Always.

I was so upset and frustrated.

Not only because, let’s face it, I was mortified (and if you tell me for one second that all four of your kids acting like butts in front of 30 people doesn’t sting your mama pride, you are LYING TO MY FACE.  We’re not supposed to make our kids’ behavior about us, but stop it right now if you tell me you do this perfectly all the days.)  But also, because this was Ben and Danielle’s special day and Danielle’s dad they had spent a lot of money to get it just right, and it was so special that they asked ALL FOUR of my hooligans to be in it…and seriously you guys?!


And then the big day came, and things were looking up.

At least for the big kids.

This guy had several meltdowns and his suspenders wouldn’t stay up.  Which I actually thought was cuter anyway.

This is the Porkchop about half an hour before his big gig.

I don’t know what his problem is here, but it’s highly likely that grandma didn’t let him crawl into the fountain.  The injustices of being a baby. IMG_8112

The day was stunning.  Not hot.  Not cold.

My kids at least appeared as though they weren’t wild banshees.

For the moment.


These four slay me.

photo (14)

They did amazing.

All smiles.


Owen, apparently loving the attention, ran back up the aisle to do it again.  And again.  Waving and smiling to the crowd.  At one point, he actually got a round of applause.  Until poor grandma had to run up the aisle and retrieve him, because the bride was waiting.  No bigs.

Jill didn’t screech when her brother touched her walker.

Lucy smiled a non-Pirate Elvis smile.

I can’t wait to see the professional photos.  Because this one?  It’s from an iPhone.  Would it be weird to have a giant stretched canvas over my mantle with Danielle in it?

Also, I remember when my boobs looked that good.

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  1. 1
    Danavee says:

    Ohmygoodness! That photo with the bride! It’s perfection!

  2. 2

    Oh, girl, I remember when my boobs looked that good, too; back before I had kids and became basically a spokesperson for what I call National Geographic Boobs. I love what you said about parenting and being embarrassed in those moments when they just weird out on you. I will tell you that I feel the same way when my kids starting talking to people in weird voices and acting like they are from Neptune.

  3. 3

    LOL with the boobs! They are ‘breasts’ now that four babies have been fed with them.

  4. 4

    I love everything about this post. Dirty chicken coop, creative play, kids, and yes, you totally feel the frustration, but you also say, well bride, here’s some birth control for you. I’m glad it all came together, and I would totally put that picture on your mantel!