It’s been a WEEK.

A crazy, full, week.

How ’bout you?

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The Porkchop is in a wedding in two weeks.

Actually, all four are in it.

So basically, get ready for an onslaught of ring bearer and flower girl instas in two weekends.  I will have no mercy.  I will overgram.  Promise.

Anyway, he needed a haircut.

Plied with “cook cooks”, he sat there happily.  I was shocked.


ACK.  He looks big.

Make it stop.

Also, a new favorite around here is Movie Night.

After showers, and in jammies, they lay out a blanket on the living room floor and the mama pops popcorn and they watch a movie.

So mommy can pack.  More.



Because packing is the WORST.

It starts out all organized and great, but by the tail end of it all, it just spirals out of organizational control.

I have boxes labeled “random”, “stuff”, and finally this one.

Because I couldn’t even bring myself to write random again.

It’s those odds and ends that aren’t even all in one room.  Just stuff you find.

I am never moving again.  Ever.  (Famous last words.)


But on a happy note, I found these cute metal herb markers on clearance for only $0.88 each.

I don’t even grow (or like) mint or chives, but for 88 cents, I might.

Besides, the kids often beg to use my herbs for their own “recipes” (usually some concoction of water, dirt, rocks, lime peels and cilantro)…maybe if I grow extra stuff I know I won’t use anyway, it can be their own stash and I don’t have to get mad when I go out to snip some parsley and it’s all nubs.

But really…88 cents.


I hate having to wake the boy.

Especially because he’s not the type who will fall asleep in my arms or in the car seat.

Also, he looks so squishy it kills me to disturb him.

But someone was coming to see the house (we are selling our current one), and while he does make for a cute accessory, I wouldn’t want anyone to confuse him as coming with the place.

Because I like him.  Even is he is naughty.


My kids are finally old enough to understand the concept of gifts and wish lists and such (which annoys me to no end), and taking a cue from her big brother, Lucy conned the babysitter into writing out her wish list.

For her birthday.

In July.

The sitter had just taken them to Target (to kill a little extra time while the house was being shown), and these are the items Lucy wanted.

“Jeannett, what’s Share of Cali?”

“SHERIFF Callie.  It’s some new show on Disney Junior.  It’s a cat.  That wears a pink cowboy hat.  So basically Lucy’s love language.”

“Ohhhhh…I made her repeat it like 100 times, but I had no idea.  That makes more sense.  I thought she wanted to buy land in California.”

“Well, she’d be smart.  Land is always a good investment.  In California, anyway.”


This girl “graduated” from preschool.

Which…I have BIG FEELINGS about.

I’m such a scrooge about this stuff.

Like, seriously?  Graduation?  A cap and gown I had to buy that now sits balled up in the closet for eternity?

My annoyance only offset by the fact that she looks darling.

So as I complain about having to buy a synthetic cap and gown, yesterday we signed escrow docs on our new house.

The kids were home with the sitter and we still had an hour booked, so we went for half priced appetizers.

Please note how my beer is half gone before the food even made it to the table.

Buying a house is stressful, yo.

Exciting too.  But stressful.

Now to sell this place.

Soon.  Because keeping the house spic and span and having to leave constantly for showings is no fun.



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  1. 1 says:

    I Just Can’t Even. Best packing box label ever.

  2. 2

    #allthethings should be your next box! And who knows, the yellow gown could be Belle’s dress, a yellow sun, hot lava, or a super hero cap (can you cut it?!) let the dress up begin!

  3. 3

    I love this, all of this.

  4. 4
    Courtney says:

    At least you are having showings! We put our house on the market last week and we’ve had ONE. Only one lonely showing. It’s more depressing keeping your house spic and span all the friggin time for no one to even come look at it! Blah. Cheers to both our homes selling asap.

  5. 5

    1) Feel free to mail me those stakes. They would look awesome in my garden.
    2) Perhaps the cap & gown could be used for dress up? Hmm or for Naighty Porkchop when he graduates from preschool….
    3) I am never moving again. I hear you on that one. All I can say about the move to our forever home is that I would have gladly paid double for the movers whooped us. #priceless
    4) Looking forward to seeing new instas of your new digs! Happy house!